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Instant Read Thermometer

  • $24.95
    A multitasking cook often has time for only a quick glance at a dish. This precision thermometer's large numerals afford an accurate reading instantly, ensuring that your meats and poultry are cooked to a safe internal temperature and the desired doneness. Easy-clean brushed-stainless-steel thermometer instantly measures internal temperatures from -40°F to 446°F. Quick readouts for multiple types of food on a easy-to-read dot-matrix digital display. High temperature range makes it useful when making candy or deep frying. "Hold" feature allows  temperature readings to be held on the display, even when thermometer is removed from the food. Readouts can be switched from Fahrenhet to Celsius.
  • $19.95
    OXO's popular instant-read digital thermometer is better than ever, featuring an advanced design to ensure state-of-the-art precision and performance. Equipped with a pivoting head that lets you monitor temperatures at a glance, it makes gauging food's exact internal temperature as easy as pressing a button. Professional-quality thermometer ensures meats and poultry are cooked to perfection. In seconds, the large, easy-to-read digital display provides a precise readout of food’s internal temperature. Pivoting head makes it simple to view readings from any angle. Probe’s ultra-thin tip inserts easily into food for quick, accurate temperature readings. To keep the thermometer protected and handy, it comes with a sleeve you can clip onto an apron or pocket. Sleeve includes readings for recommended USDA internal temperatures for different types of meat and poultry. Press a button to change temperature readout from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Displays temperatures from -40° to 302°F. Calibrated for accuracy.
  • $54.95
    Featuring an easy-to-read illuminated digital display that measures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, Rosle’s instant-read thermometer is a must-have for everyday cooking. It quickly checks roasts, deep-fry oil, infant food, even wine for serving and water for making tea. Easy-to-read digital temperature reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Instantly measures temperatures from -40°F to 392°F/-40°C to +200°C. Crafted of easy-clean brushed stainless steel.
  • $39.95
    Registrant: We'll send you a gift (a $110 value) when purchases of All-Clad items from your Registry total $800 or more.  Enter Online Culinary professionals rely on instant-read thermometers like this one to take the guesswork out of cooking and baking. An everyday kitchen essential, All-Clad's thermometer is equipped with an easy-to-read backlit digital display for quick viewing. Instantly displays precise temperature readings for foods and liquids. Bright, backlit digital display is easy to read. Temperature readings are displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Compact design fits in the pocket of an apron or chef's jacket. Sturdy plastic cap ensures easy and safe storage. Durable, easy-to-clean stainless-steel construction. Uses three LR44 Batteries (included). A Williams Sonoma exclusive.  
  • $29.95
    Gauge the temperature of cooked foods quickly and accurately with our digital pen thermometer. A dual position probe stem includes a T-shaped plunger for roasts and poultry as well a straight-end pen for thinner foods like fish or burgers. The stainless-steel head pivots for easy reading from any angle. Precisely measures temperatures from -40°F to 500°F. Pivoting head enables easy viewing from easy-read digital display. Two positions for different food types: "T" position for tougher cuts of meat and other proteins; "pen" position for delicate foods such as thinner cuts of chicken, fish or burgers. Includes one CR1225 battery. Made of stainless steel. BPA-free.
  • $10
    Life in the kitchen is easier when you use the right tool for the task. Use our compact instant-read thermometer to ensure meat and poultry are cooked to a safe internal temperature—and the desired doneness. It’s also great for checking food temperatures for everyday prepping, cooking and baking. Part of our exclusive Open Kitchen collection, designed and developed by Williams Sonoma. Precisely measures temperatures from 20°F to 220°F (-7°C to 104°C). Easy-to-read display. Made of durable stainless steel.