Cream Sauce

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    Delicious decadence is a given with this indulgent gift set—it's a dessert lover's sweetest dream come true! We've included two of our favorite artisanal dessert sauces: Hot Fudge and Salted Caramel. These delectable sauces are the ultimate finishing touches for all sorts of wonderful treats—from ice cream, cakes, pies and cookies to fresh seasonal fruits. Hot Fudge Sauce gets its deep, rich flavor from a classic combination of heavy cream, premium cocoa and chocolate liquor, accented by a hint of pure vanilla. Salted Caramel Sauce is crafted by artisan confectioners who blend heavy cream, butter and sugar with aromatic vanilla and a touch of natural sea salt. Set includes two 17 oz. jars, one of each flavor. Made in USA. A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
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    Drizzled over ice cream, cakes, pies or cookies, our classic hot fudge sauce adds the perfect finishing touch. Serve warm or at room temperature. Blend with fresh cream for a delectable accompaniment to fresh fruit. 17 oz. Made in USA. A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
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    One of the best ways to bring out the rich, creamy sweetness of caramel is to add a delicate hint of sea salt. To make our decadent dessert sauce, artisan confectioners blend heavy cream, butter and sugar with aromatic vanilla and a touch of natural sea salt. Gently heat the sauce and drizzle over desserts from ice cream to cheesecake to fresh fruit. 17 oz. Made in USA. A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
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    Our classic dessert sauce is inspired by the light, fluffy marshmallow crème we all loved as kids. Made with premium pure vanilla, it gives everything from ice cream sundaes to cakes and brownies that irresistible marshmallow flavor. To feel like a kid again, enjoy a spoonful right from the jar. 14.5 oz. Made in USA.
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    Butter Chicken is a standout on Indian restaurant menus—and with this rich, velvety sauce, it's easy to make at home. The savory sauce is handcrafted using an original recipe from legendary Indian chef and award-winning food writer Vikas Khanna, executive chef of Manhattan's Michelin-starred restaurant Junoon. Its authentic flavor comes from a custom blend of tomatoes and heavy cream, brightened with ginger, garlic, garam masala—and serrano chiles for a mildly spicy kick. For a classic curry, just simmer the sauce with seared chicken. 16 oz. Made in USA.
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    Make dinner in a flash with this handcrafted sauce – a rich, velvety blend of Dijon mustard, white wine, stock, cream and herbs developed by the Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen. The ingredients are slowly simmered for hours to concentrate the flavors so that prep is simple: Just brown the chicken then add the sauce. Simmer for about 20 minutes and serve. 16 oz. (makes 4–6 servings). Made in USA.
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    Our Test Kitchen has taken fans’ most popular, all-time-favorite recipes and turned them into time-saving meal starters designed exclusively for your Instant Pot. This sauce highlights the classic flavors of Bolognese pasta sauce to enjoy in just minutes. Featuring a blend of onions, tomatoes, red wine, garlic and herbs, it's delicious and easy to prepare – simply combine with sautéed beef, cook for ten minutes, then add a splash of cream. 24.5 oz. Makes 4-6 servings. Made in USA.
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    The Parisian shop known as Artisan de la Truffe offers a truffle-tasting experience like no other. The classic Tuscan tartufata sauce is a divine blend of European mushrooms, black olives and summer truffle ( Tuber aestivum ) – a variety prized for its wonderfully mild, earthy flavor with a hint of hazelnuts. A spoonful of this sauce is an excellent finish for crostini, risotto and eggs, as well as pan-fried or grilled meat. To make a rich pasta or steak sauce, simply dilute it with fresh cream. 6.3 oz. Made in Italy.
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    Handcrafted in Italy using a family recipe, this sauce combines the rich, creamy flavors of pecorino and fresh cream with the spice of ground pepper. A classic in Italian kitchens, the luxuriously indulgent cream sauce is inspired by the Roman cacio e pepe (cheese and pepper) sauce, which pairs perfectly with fettucine, rigatoni or angel hair pasta. 14.8 oz. Made in Italy.
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    The luxurious flavors of truffles and cream transform everyday pasta into an elegant Northern Italian-style dish—perfect for dinner parties or savory weeknight feasts. For a new spin on classic Alfredo sauce, we simmer light cream with aged Parmigiano-Reggiano and the essence of earthy white truffles. The rich, velvety sauce is the perfect partner for your favorite pastas, including fettuccine, capellini and ravioli. 15 oz. (serves 3–4). Made in USA.
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    We teamed up with Anova to create seasonings that make the most of sous-vide cooking. Our steak sauce starts with a rich vegetable stock blended with cream, Worcestershire, shallots, black pepper and a splash of brandy. Just add the sauce to a sous vide bag with a New York steak, then cook with your Anova sous vide precision cooker. Finish with a quick sear in a hot pan for perfectly juicy, tender steak au poivre with a crisp, satisfying crust. 12 oz. Made in USA.
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    Whip up authentic pasta dinners with our trio of signature sauces. For homemade character, these small-batch sauces are handcrafted in Italy using the finest and freshest local ingredients. Prep is simple – just heat each sauce and toss it with freshly cooked pasta. Showcasing classic Italian flavors, the versatile sauces are also great for polenta, pizza and flatbreads.   Garlic Tomato and Calabrian Chile: Enliven pasta with this vibrant blend of ripe tomatoes, garlic, herbs and spicy Calabrian red chile peppers. 1 lb. 8.3 oz.   Pecorino Black Pepper: Inspired by Rome's iconic cacio e pepe , this velvety sauce is made with fresh cream, nutty Pecorino cheese and fragrant black pepper. 14.8 oz.   Sicilian Sausage Ragu: Enjoy a taste of Sicily in this hearty sauce – a bright, savory blend of Italian sausage, tomatoes, red wine, garlic and herbs. 1 lb. 8.3 oz. Set of three includes one jar of each flavor (each makes 3–4 servings). Approx. 3 lb. 15 oz. total. Made in Italy.
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    In Northern Italy, chefs often finish their tomato sauces with sweet cream from local cows, tempering the acidity of the tomatoes and giving the sauces silky texture. Our mild and creamy tomato sauce, enriched with nutty Parmesan cheese, is the perfect base for pizzas with robust toppings like sausage and peppers, but it's as good with any meat and even clams. It’s easy to use – just spread the sauce over your pizza crust, add your favorite toppings and bake to bubbly perfection. 18.8 oz. (532 g.) Makes three 12" pizzas. Made in USA with American and imported ingredients.
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    Our Mediterranean-inspired sauce is a bright blend of roasted red peppers, ripe tomatoes, onions and spices, gently simmered with velvety ricotta cheese and fresh cream. For a great home-cooked dinner in minutes, simply heat the sauce and toss with your favorite pasta – from spaghetti and linguini to tortellini and ravioli. This versatile sauce is also perfect for pizza, calzone, polenta and more. 1 lb. 10 oz. (serves 3–4). Made in USA.
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    Inspired by two classic sauces from Italy, our handcrafted pasta sauce combines aromatic Ligurian-style basil pesto with rustic Tuscan tomato sauce. We slow-cook ripe tomatoes with sautéed garlic and then stir in basil pesto at the end to impart a herbal flavor and subtle crunch. Finally, a touch of cream melds all the flavors together harmoniously. Simply toss with freshly cooked and drained pasta, serve and enjoy. Buon appetito! 1 lb. 11 oz. (serves 3–4). Made in USA with American and imported ingredients. A Williams Sonoma exclusive.
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    Discover modern Italian flavors with Giada De Laurentiis, award-winning Food Network star and best-selling cookbook author. Crafted using Giada's signature recipe, our delicious vodka sauce combines ripe tomatoes, cream, Parmesan and garlic with a splash of vodka. 25 oz. Made in USA.