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A Soap & Lotion Gift Set for Every Occasion

Whether you need a great gift for a birthday, a holiday party or to welcome guests to your home, a soap & lotion gift set is always an excellent option. These gift sets contain three or more high-quality bath and body products like hand soap and hand lotion. Other household essentials, like dish soap, countertop sprays and candles, are also available. Each item is scented with the best essential oils and essences, many of which were developed exclusively for Williams Sonoma. Be sure to pick up an extra soap & lotion gift set for yourself to pamper your skin and leave your home smelling fresh and clean.

Three-Piece Soap and Lotion Sets

Classic three-piece soap and lotion sets include two bottled products in identical fragrances packaged in a gorgeous metal caddy. The caddy is available in chrome or copper finishes. For the kitchen, a set which includes dish soap and hand lotion is a great option. Wash your dishes with the soap, then apply the hand lotion to soothe and hydrate your skin from the hot water. Keep the caddy near the sink and close to your dish drying rack. Other three-piece kitchen essential sets include dish soap, hand soap and a coordinated countertop spray containing natural cleaning ingredients and essential oils.

A caddy featuring hand soap and hand lotion makes a great addition to any bathroom vanity cabinet. The shiny chrome organizer looks lovely next to a stainless steel faucet. A three-piece lotion collection featuring hand soap, hand lotion and a candle instead of a caddy makes the perfect bath gift set to welcome guests to your home. Bath and candle guest sets are available in fresh scents like lemongrass ginger, white gardenia and pink grapefruit. Special holiday scents are also available, like pumpkin spice, winter forest and frosted gingerbread. These guest sets make fun and festive gifts for holiday parties and events.

Deluxe Soap and Lotion Sets

Soap and lotion sets featuring five or more coordinated products let you carry your favorite fresh scents to different spots throughout the home. These deluxe scent collections include a mix of hand soaps, dish soaps, lotions, candles, potpourri and more with the same aromatic oils used in each product. Display your set in one spot or spread the pieces out and keep the dish soap in the kitchen, the hand lotion in your bathroom and the candle in your bedroom or living room. In addition to freshening up your own home, a five-piece set also makes a generous gift for friends and family. With intoxicating botanical scents like French lavender, English rose and sweet peony to choose from, these deluxe fragrance sets are a delight to the senses.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a refreshing soap & lotion gift set from Williams Sonoma. Available in a wide selection of natural fragrances, these coordinated scent sets let you nourish your skin and make your home smell fresh and fabulous.

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