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Clothes Drying Racks

Heat drying can shrink and damage clothing and other fabrics, and while this may not be an issue with durable pieces, some items really should be air dried to maximize longevity. This selection of clothes drying racks from Williams Sonoma provides the perfect compromise between machine drying and the classic outdoor clothes line. Our different racks are suitable for different types of clothing or bedding items and can also be more or less suitable for your needs based on your living space and circumstances. Take some time to decide which clothes drying rack style is best for you to maximize your investment and bring a new sense of ease to laundry day.

Clothes Drying Rack Styles

There are two basic formats for clothes drying racks: freestanding and ceiling mounted. The freestanding models are usually collapsible for convenient storage and may be suitable for hanging, flat drying or both. The ceiling-mounted clothes drying rack style usually has some sort of pulley system that allows the user to lower it when it’s needed and retract it back up and out of the way when it isn’t. Freestanding models are a great idea when space is a premium, while the ceiling-mounted style is a good idea for those who own their homes and have a regular need to air dry clothing.

Laundry Item Type and Quantity

Knowing what kind of clothes you need to dry can be helpful for selecting the right clothes drying rack. For example, flat drying racks are particularly useful for shoppers who have a lot of clothing items that can’t go in the dryer but need to lay flat to dry to avoid becoming misshapen by hanging. Heavy sweaters and other thick knit garments usually require this drying style, and if you have a lot of these items in your wardrobe, you might find a drying rack that has hanging space only to be too inconvenient. Similarly, the volume of clothing you need to air dry should be taken into account as you choose a drying rack. The larger the rack, the more clothes you can usually hang, though this isn’t necessarily the case. Some compact freestanding units have a lot of hanging bars and can accommodate a surprising volume of laundry. Take these factors into account as you assess which option best matches your needs.

Once you select your clothes drying rack, you’ll want to think about whether the kind of clothes you hang to dry need to be ironed. Air drying is energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but it doesn’t de-wrinkle clothing the way heat drying does. A clothes iron may be an essential accessory to go along with your clothes drying rack to keep your wardrobe looking crisp and fresh.

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