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Life has a way of sometimes getting extra busy. For those moments when you have to squeeze in a few more chores than you normally have, you want to make sure you’re using the right equipment that gets the job done well the first time. At Williams-Sonoma, we know all about tight schedules, which is why we have a huge selection of Miele electrics to help make certain household tasks that much easier. Choose one of our Miele vacuum cleaners to help you keep your floors free of dust and other harmful allergens. Browse our diverse selection of Miele electrics and find just the right vacuum for your home, whether you’re taking care of just one room or your entire home from top to bottom.

Everyone’s house or apartment is different. Some people have hardwood flooring, while others prefer carpets. That’s why Miele designs each of its vacuums to work specifically for your own personal needs. Try a Miele vacuum that is equipped to clean hardwood floors and thinner mats and rugs. Its lightweight design and portability also make it an ideal vacuum to keep at a cottage or holiday house. For bigger jobs in homes with a lot of hardwood flooring or low-pile carpeting, take a look at a Miele model that features a HEPA filtration system to help keep your home’s ambient air clean and reduce vacuum-bag odors.

If you need more power for larger jobs, then consider an option from Miele’s Dynamic range, which can handle all surfaces from smooth tiles and hardwood to high-pile carpets. Control the suction of the vacuum to maximize efficiency based on the type of flooring you are vacuuming. There’s even an option that lets you vacuum your curtains, so you can eliminate dust without having to do a load of laundry. Other features of this durable vacuum line include flexible hose attachments, an ElectroBrush for extra power and a dusting brush. For another high-powered Miele vacuum than can tackle any kind of surface inside your home, check out the Twist vacuum designs, which come with an extra-long hose attachment.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Miele vacuum, it’s important to choose the right vacuum bags and filters. Each vacuum requires a specific filter or bag to help keep your home’s air as fresh and dust-free as possible. Maintaining filters and changing bags regularly can also go a long way in controlling pet hair and odors, which may act as irritants if they get out of control. Miele filters are designed to tightly fit specific machines and keep harmful airborne particles from recirculating in your home.

Fortunately, life isn’t all about vacuuming, and neither are Miele electrics. You work hard, so when you’re ready to wind down in the evening, or to perk up in the morning, try one of Miele’s fully automatic espresso makers and bring the cafe right to your kitchen. Prepare your lattes and cappuccinos just how you like them, single or double, with the convenience of one-touch operation. Save your user profile on the appliance so the machine always prepares a drink based on your personal preferences, such as temperature and quality of the grind.

Espresso makers aren’t just great for quenching that caffeine craving, but they are convenient for treating visiting friends and family members to something a little different than the standard cup of coffee. When dinner’s finished and everyone is at the table relaxing with their dessert, a freshly-made cappuccino or latte made just for them is the perfect way to cap off the evening. Alternatively, if you have a friend who’s always at the cafe ordering cappuccinos or lattes, a Miele espresso maker is a splendid gift. Cheers!

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