Canisters & Cookie Jars
Explore our countertop storage containers, from ceramic cookie jars to copper canisters.

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Canisters & Cookie Jars

Kitchen counters are the unsung heroes of the home. These surfaces see it all, providing support for kneading, resting and organizing the various tools and ingredients you need to bring new flavors to life in the kitchen. Do your counters a favor by upgrading your approach to keeping everything right within reach. At Williams Sonoma, our options in canisters, baskets, cookie jars and other containers include all the supplies you need to make your countertops look great and serve their purpose with simple efficiency.

Finding Your Ideal Canisters and Tools

It’s easy to find the specific jars and other tools you need – and to browse for that extra something that might catch your eye. You can also discover tools that serve specific purposes, whether you need a new paper towel holder or a splash guard that keeps your cookbooks open to the right recipe as you whip up a new dish. Remember not to feel hemmed in by the stated purpose of these organizing-focused products. A fruit bowl, for example, can just as easily hold dish towels as it does fresh-picked lemons. Take a look at everything that’s currently on your kitchen countertops or in your drawers that you want to bring into more precise order. Having an idea of what you’re working with can help inspire flashes of inspiration as you browse through the countertop accessories that keep you organized. And don't forget to leave room on your counters for things like stand mixers and baking scales as you’re creating your plan.

The Look You Love

You can also shop for a canister or cookie jar by choosing the specific material you want that can beautify your kitchen. Our canisters and jars come in a beautiful range of materials, including marble, copper, ceramic and glass topped with sturdy wood or stainless-steel lids. Shopping by material makes it possible to not only choose canisters and cookie jars but also other organizing tools. This way, you can curate a cohesive, attractive collection of matching or contrasting materials for your kitchen counters. Choosing contrasting materials gives you the opportunity to incorporate different textures and create special visual interest while keeping your counters arranged just how you want them. If you opt to go with uniform materials instead, consider choosing a material that stands out from your walls or tile backsplash color so you can get some contrasting elements in the mix for extra style.

After you’ve chosen the canisters, cookie jars and other storage items you need to keep your kitchen in order, you can find other products to complete your kitchen setup. Discover a fantastic variety of accessories and food products that can instantly put your canister or jar to work. From tools like cookie molds to ingredients like gourmet pasta, you can stock up on all the supplies you need to get your stylish new countertop arrangement tailored to your cooking needs.

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