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Hand & Dish Soaps

Little details give your home personality and make it a space where you and your loved ones enjoy each other’s company and renew your energy. It all starts with a clean, refreshed kitchen. Our collection at Williams Sonoma contains lotions, hand soaps and dish soaps that complement each other so you can keep your home clean and your hands nourished. Our soaps are exclusive products made for you in the United States. They’re ideal for gently cleansing everything from plates and flatware to pots to tools like cheese cutters.

Clean Dishes and a Healthy Environment

An effective dish soap cleans your dishes completely without leaving a residue behind that affects the flavor of your food. Look for a product free of harsh chemicals, such as parabens, ammonia and chlorine, which can damage your skin and the environment. Soapbark extract works well as a natural degreaser, removing all traces of food particles and oil remnants. Essential oils give the soap a light fragrance that doesn’t overpower the room. You can also use dish soap to clean your dish drying rack so the dishes dry in a clean spot that you can rest assured is safe. The same thing goes for your counters and other kitchen accessories.

Find Your Fragrance

Although fragrance does not affect the cleaning power of your dish soap, it does make the dish-washing experience more pleasant for you and leaves a light, lingering scent in the kitchen after you finish. Choosing your ideal fragrance is a matter of personal preference, so it’s important to find one that you love. Choose a citrus fragrance such as orange, grapefruit or lemon if you prefer a clean, fresh scent that does not compete with food odors. Select a floral scent such as gardenia or lavender to fill the kitchen with gentle spring fragrances while you wash the dishes. Pick seasonal scents, including blends of spiced and frosted nuts and berries, to give the kitchen a festive ambience during the holiday seasons.

Assorted Sizes

When selecting a bottle of dish soap, note the size of the bottle. If you wash most of your dishes in a dishwasher, choose a small bottle to keep nearby for moments when you need to wash something by hand. A large bottle is more practical if you prefer hand washing or don’t have a dishwasher in the kitchen. A convenient push spout lets you pump out just the right amount of soap for the task at hand. Refill these bottles from larger ones to limit kitchen waste and make sure your soap bottle is completely practical for your space. You can also decant large bottles into your smaller decorative soap dispensers around the house.

Dish Soap Accessories

Give your dish soap a home on the edge of the sink or on a butcher block island so it stays right where you need it. A metal caddy keeps all your dishwashing accessories together in a single spot and lifts them up from the surface so they stay dry between uses. It’s also convenient because you can just lift the caddy when you need to clean the sink and replace it in a single movement. A two-bottle caddy has enough room for bottles of dish and hand soap, and a three-bottle caddy lets you add lotion to the mix so you can restore moisture to your hands after finishing the dishes. The metal surface is easy to clean and doesn’t retain moisture. Choose a cool stainless-steel or warm copper finish that complements the rest of your kitchen fixtures.

A clean kitchen is an inviting place to prepare and enjoy your favorite meals with your favorite people. Discover the difference natural cleaners make in our dish soaps, and turn this daily activity into a pleasant experience.

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