Drawer Organizers

Halfway through cooking your eggs over easy isn’t the ideal time to realize you can’t find your spatula, and nobody wants to lose the can opener once the cat starts meowing. Avoid kitchen mishaps and stay organized and efficient with drawer organizers from our collection at Williams Sonoma.

The Benefits of Clearing Clutter

Organization is an important part of maintaining a kitchen that’s a joy to cook in. Being able to instantly put your hand on any utensil you need means you operate quickly and efficiently. It also means you have the space you need to think about and focus on what you’re doing. Drawer organizers are simple, but they provide a convenient way to keep your kitchen tidy. Use them to arrange your cutlery to make it easier to set a place at the table, to securely position lids in your pot cupboard or even to beautify that drawer where you store loose change, odd screws, batteries and old keys. Because many of our organizers are removable with all the contents inside, you also have the option of reorganizing and cleaning drawers with ease.

Choosing Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are available in wood, metal or plastic. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean. Wood has a warm, stylish finish, and it looks fantastic if you match it with your kitchen counters or dining table. Metal organizers are usually copper or stainless-steel, and these complement metallic kitchen surfaces and cookware.

If you aren’t sure what size you need, or your drawers are unusual sizes, look for expanding organizers that adjust for the ideal fit. If you’re trying to organize large items and can’t find a suitable organizer, consider gripping shelf liners instead. Liner paper is easy to cut to size without any special tools and prevents items from sliding around when they’re loose inside your drawers.

Additional Storage

Make drawer organizers part of your complete kitchen organization solution in conjunction with other space-saving equipment. If you want to keep certain items on the counter, stored neatly within easy reach, canisters are a great option. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any space or decor, and they’re useful for storing everything from baking utensils to cookies. Plain ceramic canisters with large labels fit with most types of decor and have a clean style, but it’s possible to give your room a more country cottage look by choosing jars and pots with beautiful floral motifs. Glass canisters often have a minimalist aesthetic and have the added benefit of letting you tell at a glance when you’re running low on supplies, giving you plenty of time to stock up. If you need additional work surfaces and extra storage, kitchen islands and carts are the answer. Consider a cart with wheels if you have limited space. They’re easy to push out of the way when not in use. Or, choose a large, heavy island if you want it to feel like a permanent part of your kitchen setup. There are many types of islands and carts, so it’s possible to get something that fits your needs wonderfully. Some have plenty of extra storage, such as baskets, shelves and drawers, while a butcher block island means you always have the perfect work surface for preparing meat.

Whether you’re expanding your cooking area or taking control of clutter, drawer organizers and other space-saving solutions make it easy to stay organized. Focus on one drawer at a time and create the kitchen you always wanted.

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