Pescadero Collection


At Williams-Sonoma, we love creating decor for people who know that outdoor furniture is far more than just functional; it’s durable as well. We also know you’re looking for something that makes a statement. Every piece can have an artistic twist you can show off, so your home gets you excited from the moment you enter and leaves guests breathless. This is also true when it comes to outdoor spaces. So what style is right for you? The answer to that question is to trust your eyes. Don’t worry about labeling your taste with terms like “vintage,” “modern” or “classic.” Instead, go with pieces that make you go back for a second look. One style that’s not afraid to think outside the box is our Pescadero Collection. Here’s how to tell it’s the outdoor furniture you’ve been waiting for.

Pescadero is all about a Mediterranean vibe. It’s freedom and chic wrapped into one. If you want your dream exterior to have the feel of an ocean breeze – even if you’re far from the coast – and refreshing afternoon cocktails, Pescadero is for you. The collection’s smooth stainless-steel frames are made to live in bright spaces and add some elegance too. At the same time, all-weather wicker provides that laid-back ambience you expect from the beach. The idea is that you should be able to close your eyes and take a nap any time you want. Or, pop an umbrella, read a book and sip ice-cold lemonade – whatever helps you relax.

Of course, enjoying the open air by yourself is only half the fun. Your outdoor space is a great place for parties too. The Pescadero Collection’s artistic flair and sleek metal provides lots of sophistication while still keeping things informal. Toss on a wide-brimmed hat and a cocktail dress and enjoy hors d’oeuvres and white wine with friends and family. Or throw some shrimp on the grill and kick back with tropical drinks.

Create a poolside escape. Shiny metal and all-weather wicker are ideal for enjoying a quick dip. Depending on the size of your patio, there are lots of possible design layouts. Putting a couple of chairs or chaises close to the pool is smart; you can rest after a long swim. In a bigger backyard, one great idea is to arrange several groups of three or four armchairs underneath an umbrella. Hang some string lights, play a little classical guitar in the background and voila, you’ve created an evening your guests will never forget.

Take advantage of an ocean view. If you have a great vista of the ocean, a lake or even a pond, that’s something to celebrate. The key to making the most of that kind of a space is in the distribution you choose. Try to make sure everyone gets a chance to look out over the water. Instead of facing two sofas across from each other, go with an L-shaped or U-shaped layout. A glass-top coffee table provides room for drinks, reflects the gorgeous panorama and makes things even more exciting. Bring everything together with an outdoor rug in bold tones.

Build a beautiful terrace. You don’t have to live near the water to enjoy calming tones of blue. Take advantage of the sky to capture a Tuscan vibe; metal and glass tabletops look amazing anywhere there’s lots of blue. A rooftop garden fits perfectly, creating a secret spot for quiet reflection and romance. Focus on simple lines and add color with pillows so the ambience is what really stands out.

Watch the sunrise in style. Living in the big city sometimes cuts down on amount of outdoor space you have available. But if you’ve got a balcony, turn it into something incredible. A few chairs and a small glass accent table aren’t hard to fit into a smaller space, and the benefits are well worth the effort. Taking five minutes to eat at a table in the fresh air – by yourself or as a couple – has a huge effect on your whole day, giving you a more positive outlook and some extra energy too.