Garden Seats

Garden Seats

With a classic silhouette and elegant pierced ceramic detailing, garden seats occupy a liminal space between furniture and decorative object. You can use these drum-shaped stools as footrests, side tables, stools or sculptures, making them incredibly versatile and adaptable additions to your home. If you’ve always had your eye on one of these iconic pieces, Williams-Sonoma Home may have just what you’re looking for. Our collection of garden seats and stools includes a range of different color and style options, ranging from the classic Chinese-inspired ceramic drum stool to angular modern takes on this traditional style. We have a wide range of options to suit a variety of different style needs. You may even find different options to suit different rooms in your house.

Our garden seats capture a classic essence with a clean, modern flair that looks fantastic in almost any setting. Although the traditional Chinese garden stool is intended for use in outdoor spaces, you can opt to take the contemporary interior decor path and use these pieces indoors. Short and striking, these barrel-like accents fit well in just about any room. You can use them to prop up plants in front of a sunny window or to add some color and refinement to your entryway. However, garden seats are perhaps best used as furniture pieces.

If you’re on the lookout for the right accent table for your living room, bedroom, library or home office, consider using one of these garden stools instead of a standard side table. These garden seats are sturdy and have a solid, flat surface, so you can use them to prop up lamps, hold drinks or display decor. That solid sturdiness also makes them suitable for use as a footstool. Whatever application you choose, your garden seat adds style, comfort and convenience to your furniture arrangement in any room.

In addition to providing practicality, our garden seats are gorgeously designed, making them ideal decorative accents for rooms that need a little decor at the ground level. With their gorgeous shapes and beautiful finishes, our garden seats blend in beautifully with plants, floor lamps and other types of sculptural decorative accents. Create a decorative vignette with an attractive range of height variety by pairing a garden seat with a tall sculpture and a short plant in an alcove or lonely corner in your home. While your garden stool provides plenty of decorative power as part of a display, its versatility is still in effect no matter where you use it.

It’s this quality that makes garden seats such great candidates for inclusion in a bedroom or bathroom design setup. Tuck one of these stools away in the corner of your guest bedroom or bathroom to give visitors an extra place to put their things as they settle in. Keep one in your own bedroom, too. These tables are the perfect height to serve as a stylish nightstand for a low platform bed or to provide a little extra decor in your bedroom lounge area. Use your garden seat to display photos or coffee table books that you love to keep close by.

Whether it serves a purely decorative purpose or you use it to fill in as an ottoman or side table, your new garden seat will add subtle beauty and versatile decor to your home. Choose from a subtle solid-color style, opt for an angular modern piece or choose a classic Chinoiserie-printed garden seat in beautiful blue and white. No matter which style you choose, you’ll end up with a furniture piece that’s both perfectly on-trend and timelessly chic. It’s just the right balance for elegant homes with their own unique style sensibility.