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Shower Curtains

Just as a beautiful set of drapes can anchor a room and unify its different decorative and functional elements, the right shower curtain similarly adds instant beauty and cohesion to your bathroom. Williams-Sonoma Home offers a carefully curated selection of shower curtains that balance elegance with interest, giving you the power to choose a centerpiece option or a subtle selection according to your personal style and decorative priorities. From bold but refined prints to colorblocked options in neutral tones, our shower curtain selections can fit into any home. Pair your choice with a curtain liner and low-profile, smooth-rolling shower curtain rings, and you’ll have everything you need to maintain your personal style and keep the water from your shower where it belongs.

As you shop for your shower curtain, consider whether you’re starting your bathroom decor from scratch or are looking for a new curtain to add to an existing collection of towels and decor. If you start from scratch, choose whatever curtain appeals to you most, keeping in mind that it’s a fun idea to then choose towels and accessories that coordinate or contrast with the curtain in a cohesive way. Choosing a curtain to fit in with an existing bathroom decor scheme can also be made quite simple, particularly if you choose to focus on one of our many neutral options.

Our minimalistic shower curtain options include solid white curtains with subtle color accents and lightly textured selections in solid neutral colors such as sage green and beige. The combination of light texture and neutral color provides a great way to keep your shower curtain interesting without clashing with the rest of your bathroom decor. Opting for a neutral shower curtain also keeps open the possibility of redecoration in other parts of the bathroom. For example, you could choose to change the wall color and easily find a shade that matches well with your subtle shower curtain choice.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and go for a print if that’s where your inspiration takes you. It’s also easy to find bath accessories to go with a printed shower curtain. You can simply take an opposite strategy and use a bold pattern to add interest to a minimally accessorized and decorated bathroom. This is a great idea for apartment bathrooms with white walls and white tile and not a lot of extra wall space. Choose an appealingly patterned shower curtain and coordinating towels to add pops of color and movement to an otherwise neutral space.

Using the shower curtain to do all of the heavy decorative lifting in your bathroom is an easy way to save time and energy, which you can then focus on other elements of home decor. Small bathrooms sometimes need little more than an interesting shower curtain to feel homey and put-together. Minimalism is great choice for the bathroom too, even if you tend to prefer a more detailed approach in other parts of the house. An uncluttered, serene bathroom can provide a sense of clean that’s just right for the room where you brush your teeth and take your showers.

No matter which approach you choose to take while selecting a shower curtain, it pays to make a selection you love. Keep an eye on our new bathroom arrivals section to stay on top of new offerings as they come available. Lightweight, simple and easy to switch, shower curtains are one of the most instantaneously gratifying elements of home decor. They offer a fast fix for those times when existing routines and decorative choices could use some freshening up. With a shower curtain, you can quickly enliven your bathroom decor without making any major renovation commitments.