Bath Robes

Bath Robes

Bath robes are a little luxury to indulge in every day. They wrap you up in soft, dry warmth, providing more coverage and wear-around-the-house practicality than a bath towel. Whether you prefer to wear your robe with PJs and slippers or you like to wrap yourself up after you step out of your warm shower on a chilly autumn morning, Williams-Sonoma Home has options that are sure to delight. Available in unisex adult sizes, our bath robes provide subtle luxury and sumptuous comfort for any lounging scenario. From quiet weekend mornings to cozy winter evenings, our comfortable robes give you the freedom to lounge around in style.

Our selection of robes includes bathrobe options specifically designed to absorb moisture. Slip one of these robes on after you exit your shower or bath and feel warm and dry immediately. These ultra-absorbent robes are perfect for swimming, hot tub soaking and even spa sessions. They’re suitable for any situation that calls for the convenience and comfort of a moisuture-absorbing bath robe. You have several options to choose from, and some robe styles let you choose between short and long lengths to suit your own personal preference. Choose from different colors and styles to find your ideal bath robe selection.

We offer lounging robes as well. These options use fabrics such as lightweight waffle-weave cotton and cashmere, which makes them exceptionally suitable for loungewear. With options that can keep you warm on a chilly morning or provide lightweight coverage for summer evenings, you can assemble a year-round wardrobe of stylish lounge outerwear for use at home or on the go. Embrace a vintage sense of luxury by packing your own personal robe for vacation use so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort as you lounge and relax.

Keep a robe handy in your bedroom as part of your collection of comfortable around-the-house clothes. Our robes offer features such as belts and pockets that make them practical and easy to wear. Keep your pajamas on as you go get your morning coffee – your comfortable robe provides plenty of additional warmth with no need to shift out of your repose. If you live with a partner or spouse, get a matching robe for him or her so the two of you can present a united front as you take on the tough task of relaxing and wearing your most comfortable clothing at home.

If you do end up getting a matching robe for your partner, consider getting the two robes monogrammed with your respective initials. Most of our robes have available monogramming options so you can make your relaxation uniform choice even more personalized. You can customize details such as font type and color when available. Choose a matching monogram, or customize each robe with the person’s favorite color and font type. With a variety of different robe options to choose from and the further possibility of embroidered, customized monograms made to order, we make it easy for you to get exactly what you love.

Monogramming is a great option if you plan to give one of these robes as a gift to a close friend or family member. Whether you choose cashmere, lightweight cotton or an absorbent bath robe, you’ll give the gift of warmth, comfort and luxury. Whether for a birthday, a holiday or another special even such as a retirement, a robe is a thoughtful gift. Pair your robe gift with a monogrammed throw blanket from our collection to complete the lounging and relaxing package. Whether your gift recipient prefers reading or watching movies, they’ll be glad to have a new, comfortable top layer to wear as they indulge in their favorite downtime activities.