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Williams-Sonoma Food

When it comes to cooking and prep, you always want to put in a minimal amount of effort for exceptional, delicious food. Of course, cooking is an art form - after all, it’s called culinary arts for a reason - and you want to take your time and do it properly. Having the right tools and items to help you along the way can make your time in the kitchen go much more seamlessly. From cooking tools to electrics, we offer everything you need to make each recipe a success from start to finish, including a line of our own Williams-Sonoma food. From sauces to cookie mixes, you now have everything at your fingertips to make each meal extraordinary, not only impressing your family and guests, but also creating the perfect meal you’re proud of every time.

Our branded line of food offers many sauces, spices and seasonings to get that stew, pizza or recipe just right. Gift sets and baskets are always appreciated by friends and family for special occasions or holidays, or you can treat yourself to a wide selection of items bound to enliven your taste buds. Sometimes, it’s all about the sauce. We offer a bevy of different sauces for a wide variety of meals. Try our braising sauce if you’re making beef stew on a cold winter’s day, or opt for our chili starter if you want to try a new recipe for the first football game of the year. You’ll also find different options, such as broth starters and curry sauces, which can aid you in making everything from miso soup to Thai curry. Oils and vinegars are also an extremely important part of any dish, so add a new flavor to an old recipe or try a new dish, with choices, such as peppery extra virgin olive oil, white balsamic vinegar or champagne vinegar. Not just for tossing salads, you can also try these in your next marinade or to pan-fry poultry or pork.

If it’s grilling season where you are, then you no doubt know the importance of just the right rub when you’re making ribs or chicken. Choose from rubs and brines that are sure to make backyard mouthwatering sensations, such as spicy or classic rub sets. You’ll also find some margarita salt within our pages as well so you can make that best cocktails to complement your barbecue. Look for rubs that are suited for poultry, pork chops, seafood and more to make all your meals stand out, even if you’re slow-cooking ribs or chicken in the oven. Another important part of any grilling or barbecue is the right barbecue sauce. Whether you’re partial to Carolina, honey, spicy, mesquite or Korean BBQ, we have every sauce you need to stir up everything from tasty shish kabobs to baby back ribs. If you’re moving out of the backyard and into the kitchen for a hearty meal, you can also choose from a variety of different pasta sauces either as starters for your signature sauce or as a complete sauce for your meal.

Beyond sauces, rubs and oils, there are a variety of different baking mixes that are sure to delight you and your family. Choose from breakfast options, such as Belgian waffle or pancake mixes, or whip up everything from donuts to crepes with our easy-to-use mixes. Beyond breakfast items, you can also find mixes for items, such as Bundt cake, cookies, bread and even starter flavors to make homemade ice cream. There are also a variety of cocktail mixers available as well, allowing you to make a variety of different libations, from pomegranate margaritas to specialty sangrias.

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