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In many ways, salt & pepper are the foundational supports upon which the best culinary creations are made. There’s a reason these two go hand in hand like yin and yang, showing up on dining tables and next to cooking areas in kitchens across the globe. Williams-Sonoma lets you take advantage of a renewed interest in these ingredients, bringing new varieties of both salt & pepper into your kitchen for an updated twist on two classic flavors. Whether you want to replace your ordinary table salt with something more exciting or you seek the perfect accompaniment to beef tartare, this product category opens new doors and allows you to bust out of the common patterns that have defined culinary approaches for generations. For iconoclasts and stalwart traditionalists alike, high-quality salt and pepper are a treasured part of the kitchen. Why not seek the best?


Salt gets sold short sometimes. There are a lot of different flavors to bring to the table other than “salty” - salt can have an earthy flavor or a briny aftertaste that brings new subtleties to your dishes. Pepper, too, suffers from some assumptions about its abilities. Some pepper has a complexity of flavor that a simple adjective like “peppery” can’t correctly describe. Our salt & pepper selections let you experience these new dimensions to seemingly old ingredients, opening up new possibilities along the way.


Some of the salt & pepper options we offer are best applied after the cooking is done. Finishing salts, for example, have a unique appearance and flavor that may get lost in the shuffle during cooking. If you are used to salting your meat before you cook it, mix things up by using a finishing salt instead. Subtle details like this can actually make a big difference in the final flavor of the dishes you create. Soon, you may find yourself embracing a new approach to cooking, adding aromatics last rather than first so their flavors come through more strongly in the finished product.


As our collective palates become more sophisticated, many old classics are updated with a savory twist. For example, salted caramel and salted chocolate combine salty and sweet flavors with delicious effect, allowing you to indulge both sides of your snacking cravings rather than having to choose just one. If you like making candy or sweet baked goods at home, use our gourmet salt and pepper options to add an extra zing to cookies, candy and even ice cream. If you’ve never had salted caramel brownies or pink peppercorn ice cream, perhaps it’s time you branched out from safe old flavors and tried something new.


Salt & pepper can also be useful for mixology; salted rims aren’t just for margaritas anymore. In fact, you can get even more inventive by following a recipe for smoked salt and using that as an ingredient in your drink or as a component in a salted rim. Pepper, too, can add a new dimension to your favorite classic cocktail; use some peppercorns in a recipe for simple syrup and see how the combination of spicy and sweet can elevate your drinks to a unique and trailblazing new level.


Whether you’re buying for yourself or shopping for a gift, our salt & pepper selections include a variety of different options to explore before you make your final selection. Multi-pack gift sets can be a great way of exploring all the different possibilities available to you in this category, which is a particularly great idea if you’re new to the concept of salt and pepper being something worthy of attention and respect in their own right rather than a de rigor addition to each dish.

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