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Bring the delicacies of dining at a five-star restaurant to your home with choice truffles and all the fixings that make your mouth water and your taste buds oh so satisfied. Although there are truffles that are a delicious, decadent candy coated in silky-smooth chocolate (you can have those for dessert), the truffles being discussed here are the culinary delicacy brought to you by Mother Earth. Because they grow sight-unseen – often near or even beneath the roots of certain trees – truffles are very hard to find and are highly prized. Certain truffles, such as the winter black truffle or white truffle, are practically worth their weight and gold. Foods served with real truffles include dishes like salads, pasta, eggs and meats where the truffle is shaved or grated onto the dish to impart its strong, remarkable flavor. More accessible are oils, butters, salts and other condiments made from this elusive tuber. At Williams-Sonoma, we want everyone to be able to experience these once-in-a-lifetime aromatic accompaniments and make them available to you for your dining pleasure.

One of the ways to be able to enjoy truffles is by having them with pasta. We make this possible two ways by offering sauces that feature the flavor of truffle in them or pasta that has dough mixed with truffles. Make your family and friends a memorable fettuccine Alfredo that features a cream sauce with just a hint of white truffle or your own homemade sauce with noodles made with black truffles. Thatʼs only a couple of suggestions, however, for enjoying truffle as part of your meals. Take your salads to another delicious level by making vinaigrette made with black truffle oil, truffle-infused olive oil or aged balsamic vinegar with just a hint of truffle mixed in. If you love to grill or know someone who fancies himself or herself to be a master of the grill, we offer items like truffle salt, truffle butter and truffle rubs that can be applied to steaks, chops, poultry and seafood and give them a flavor not found in everyday grilling.

To help you present your dishes featuring such remarkable ingredients, we have serveware to complement your culinary masterpieces. If you are making a mixed greens salad made with a truffle-flavored dressing, wouldnʼt it look sharp sitting on your dining table in a wooden or hand-painted salad bowl? Add some copper, wood or stainless-steel salad servers to complete the look. If you are going with an all-wood look, there are salad servers to select like teak, walnut and bamboo. Many of these serveware items come as a set in a decorative box that you can also give out as gifts to friends and loved ones who like making salads at home.

Dinnertime isnʼt the only time you can enjoy the magnificent taste of truffles. For example, we have a black truffle honey that is an ideal accompaniment for toast, croissants and other pastry items that you might have with breakfast, brunch or a welcome treat. For those late-night movie or TV-watching marathons with loved ones or friends, you can surprise them by offering them popcorn made with truffle butter and seasoned with popcorn salt. If you are making popcorn by hand using an electric popcorn maker, you can substitute truffle oil truffle butter for the popcorn oil – mix the two together for a milder flavor – and make your popcorn like you normally would. Then, before serving, hit the popcorn with a light seasoning of truffle salt for a late-night snack that everyone will be raving about and looking forward to the next time itʼs on the menu.

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