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Stocks & Demi-Glaces

The right sauce can be a major asset to a meal. It makes quick work of flavoring and can even give you one-pot efficiency in your approach to stewing and braising. From slow cooking to topping off a bowl of fresh pasta, use Williams-Sonoma’s sauces to bring out the best flavors in your food. Our sauce flavors range from starter sauce bases to assist in creating traditional French and Italian dishes such as coq au vin or osso buco to Korean-inspired barbecue sauce to finish off a grilled, smoked or roasted piece of meat. Add some variety to your culinary efforts with our sauces, stocks & demi-glaces.


The stocks & demi-glaces section of our sauce offerings includes many gravy base options you can use for a special weekend meal or for your Thanksgiving dinner. Flavored with elements such as herbes de Provence and the rich meaty flavors associated with a thick stock, these sauce, soup and gravy bases are the perfect choice to create sophisticated cuisine that tastes amazing but didn’t actually take you hours to create. Our gravy bases in particular can come in handy for those multi-course special occasion meals that usually divide the cook’s attention. You’ll still be able to deliver quality and good flavor to your table no matter how many other dishes you create.


If you’ve ever used bullion cubes and other stock bases or soup starters, it’s time to upgrade to a delicious stock concentrate. With rich, meaty flavor that can only come from cooking a stock mix for hours, these jars of delicious concentrate are perfect for creating a homemade soup or stew without putting in that kind of labor intensiveness first, letting you focus on making the finished dish itself. Add small spoonfuls of our stock bases into homemade tomato sauce or use them as part of a marinade to keep your meat juicy as it cooks. We also have vegetarian sock concentrate options to cover all the bases of culinary curiosity.


Because they’re so heavily focused on flavor, every ingredient counts when you’re making a sauce or gravy. Whether you’re whipping up a quick weekday soup or creating a sauce for the impressive main course of a holiday dinner, our stocks & demi-glaces offer plenty of opportunities to enhance your flavor profile and reduce the amount of effort you expend. Pan sauces for steak, gravy for poultry and even homemade spaghetti sauce are all made better with these stocks & demi-glaces.