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Season Your Meals With Gourmet Salt

Salt is a pantry staple, one you might reach for every day to season meats, side dishes and sauces. Gourmet salt adds another layer of flavor to these foods and this Williams Sonoma collection offers an array of salts. Perfect for someone who loves to cook or simply wants to transform how they cook, the salt in this collection adds flavor to your creations in a new way.

Types of Salt

There's no shortage of flavor in this Williams Sonoma collection. So, explore the salt varieties to find the right seasoning for your cooking needs. Himalayan sea salt is a coarse, dry salt that adds flavor and crunch to your dishes. Black lava salt blends white sea salt, purified lava rock and activated charcoal to create a salt ideal for sushi, salads and tropical fruits. Brazilian sea salt is coarse and rich in minerals and delivers a clean flavor to your favorite recipes. White truffle salt adds Italian white truffle oil and Italian white truffles to salt to create an aromatic dish ideal for pasta, risotto and salads. Other types of gourmet salt are available as well, including garlic-infused salt, white grinding salt, truffle popcorn salt and even magic unicorn sea salt.


Flavorful peppercorns can transform a dish and this Williams Sonoma collection includes an array of gourmet peppercorns as well. Tellicherry peppercorns come in a peppermill for tableside grinding to add pungent flavor to your dish. Pink peppercorns offer a similar flavor with a touch of sweetness, making this spice suitable for cheese, poultry and seafood. Or, pick up a five-pepper blend, which includes different varieties of peppercorns along with allspice berries for a truly distinct flavor.

Salt Gift Sets

Give the gift of flavor with a salt gift set. Pick up a trio of dessert salts infused with coffee and chocolate. Or, try a salt sampler featuring flavors like sweet onion, habanero, black pepper salt and basil. Similar pepper sets are available as well, offering unique pepper flavors like an array of peppercorns. If you're looking to add a touch of spice to your dish, opt for a spicy trio featuring smoked ghost pepper salt, habanero salt and chile lime salt.

Pair gourmet salt and gourmet peppercorns with other spices to stock your kitchen with an array of seasoning options. Whether you're shopping for your home or for a friend, you'll be delighted by any salt gift set that you choose.

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