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Spice Up Your Grilled Meats With Dry Rub

A perfectly-seasoned steak, burger, chicken breast or pork chop serves as the centerpiece of your meal. Thanks to Williams Sonoma's collection of rubs and brines, you can feel like a true grillmaster as you serve well-seasoned grilled meats to family and friends. Depending on what you're cooking, you can choose a dry rub, BBQ rub or brine. Explore this collection to choose the right flavor for your dish and don't forget to pick up a BBQ rub gift set for that friend or family member who loves to grill.

Dry Rubs

Using a dry rub is a simple process that delivers major flavor to your food. Simply rub this seasoning blend on uncooked meat before you toss it on the grill. Then, watch as the seasoning blend penetrates your food and creates a deliciously flavored crust on the top of your meat.

Choose from an array of dry rubs in this Williams Sonoma collection. You might opt for a versatile rub that combines classic spices like garlic and pepper with Worcestershire, tamarind and other spices. Alternatively, you can choose a rub that showcases some of your favorite flavors. For example, this collection includes rubs infused with coffee, lemon black pepper, green chile garlic and chimichurri. Or, slather your chicken in a Nashville hot chicken rub for some major flavor. Grab a BBQ rub in flavors like hickory molasses or sweet heat BBQ and pair it with your favorite Williams Sonoma BBQ sauce. Thanks to plenty of rub flavors, you're sure to find the right one for your next BBQ.


A brine can transform your meat. Soaking your meat in a brine solution before cooking allows you to create a tender, more juicy and more flavorful dish. Brining is especially important for meats that dry out when cooking, like chicken or turkey.

Salt is an essential element of every brine, but it doesn't leave your meat salty. Instead, it encourages moisture retention to keep it from drying out. The brines available in this collection combine salt with other ingredients like dried apples, lemon peel, rosemary and other herbs. You can even find dry brines in this collection, which allow you to flavor your meat and tenderize it without soaking it in water.

Food gift sets are a thoughtful gift for a birthday, housewarming or holiday. They allow foodie friends and family members to add new flavors to their dishes and perhaps even try out a new recipe with a rub or brine. Select a meat rub gift set for you or a friend and enjoy added flavor to your next meal.