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Improve Flavor With BBQ Seasoning

There's no simpler way to add variety to your dishes than with seasoning. Your tried-and-true chicken recipe transforms with new spice blends, which you can mix-and-match depending on your preferences. This Williams Sonoma collection includes BBQ seasoning, air fryer seasoning and other spices that just might become pantry staples. So, stock your kitchen with seasonings available in this collection and revamp your menu without sampling new recipes.

Versatile Seasonings

Many spices in this collection are versatile, allowing you to season everything from meats to vegetables, all with the same flavor. For maximum versatility, choose an everything seasoning that starts with a sea salt base and adds peppercorn, orange peel and other flavors. Or, if you're looking to restock your spice cabinet or add some new flavors, give a solo flavor seasoning a try. You can find all of your favorite spices in this collection, including paprika, basil, sage, rosemary and saffron. You can also step outside your comfort zone and give a more uncommon seasoning a try. Try harissa spice, ground sumac, granulated honey or aleppo chili. Regardless of the spice blends you choose, you'll be delighted by the endless uses for each seasoning.

Food-Specific Seasonings

Another way to shop this collection is to look for seasonings designed for specific types of food or for use with specific appliances. For example, make your next cookout unforgettable by investing in burger bomb seasoning, available in regular flavors and ranch. This spice blend combines Parmesan, roasted garlic and porcini mushrooms to take those grilled burgers to the next level. You can also find spice blends designed specifically for meatballs, French fries, pizza and tacos. Pick up a meat or seafood spice blend depending on what's on the menu at your house.

You can also find spice blends in this collection designed specifically for use with the air fryer. Pick up an air fryer seasoning if you rely on this kitchen electric to create healthy dishes. Select from several flavor-packed seasonings, including Italian, buffalo, buttermilk black pepper and garlic sichuan peppercorn. These seasonings allow you to create healthier, air-fried versions of fried chicken and so much more.

This collection delivers versatile flavors packaged as BBQ seasoning, spice blends and air fryer seasoning. Mix-and-match products to build your spice collection and enhance each dish with bold and memorable flavor. With so many seasonings to choose from, you just might need to invest in a new spice rack as well.

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