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From seasoning your first homemade Thanksgiving turkey to adding a dash of pizzazz to a routine post-work bowl of pasta, spices and dried herbs are one of your most reliable allies in the kitchen. The right seasoning can take an ordinary meal to a new height of enjoyment, allowing you to create something uniquely delicious without completely changing a technique or recipe. Williams-Sonoma’s spice blends and ground spices are perfect for every culinary adventure you take on, from everyday meals to special occasion feasts. With options including carefully assembled spice blends intended for specific purposes to sets of spices you can mix and blend on a whim, this section contains the fuel you’ll need to blast your home cooking efforts to the next level.

Some of our spices focus on specific meats, while others are suitable for any kind of protein or vegetable mélange you wish. With a sophisticated take on things like taco spice blends, we allow you to transcend the ordinary approach to seasoning by offering fresh spices and dried herbs packaged carefully to maintain flavor. While perishables such as milk and fruit have an obvious expiration date, spices and dried herbs are meant to last for a longer period of time, meaning you can keep them in your kitchen for occasional use.

However, it pays to keep your dried herbs and spices updated, as they can lose some of their flavor over time, making them less prominent in the dishes you cook. If you have some old spices with labels that date back to the 20th century, why not give your spice pantry a makeover with some of our bold and flavorful spice blends? With their versatility, careful packaging and ease of use, you’ll find yourself using our spices well before their flavor even begins to fade. Spice blends are a particularly great idea if you find yourself with bottles of spice you rarely use; our blends bring together delicious and versatile flavor profiles you’ll turn to again and again in various dishes.

Many of our whole and ground spices are so versatile you can use them for everything from Mediterranean-spiced savory yogurt for a rice dish to adding an extra kick of flavor to your hot chocolate. We also have some spices that are specially mixed for use in specific dishes, such as mulled wine, truffle mashed potatoes and cheesy popcorn. Ultimately, though, culinary experimentation sometimes means thinking outside the box, and you may find yourself using a pizza spice blend on a batch of garlic bread or in a decadently layered lasagna. Don’t let the labels hem you in – your creativity can take you to amazing places when paired with our spices.

For example, we have dessert-focused spice blends such as pumpkin pie spice that can actually work quite well when mixed with meat. If you’ve never tried cinnamon-spiced beef or lamb, try adding some pumpkin spice to your next dry rub or braising sauce. You may be surprised by how versatile this blend of cinnamon and other spices can be.

Whether you’re an experienced home chef or you’re just starting to embrace the joy of cooking for yourself, our spices and dried herbs are a fantastic addition to your culinary arsenal. Thanks to their beautiful presentation in tins, crocks and bottles, our spice blends and sets make excellent gifts for everyone from newlyweds to recent college grads and loved ones who always create delicious dishes you love to eat. Choose an all-purpose spice set or give the gift of a few carefully selected blends. You can give the spices as a gift on their own or pair with a versatile culinary tool such as an excellent chef’s knife or a cast-iron skillet. Consider the gift recipient’s needs and let your imagination be your guide.