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Pasta Sauces

Inspire Italian flavor in your kitchen with our pasta sauces that are sure to make dinner a delight for the whole family. We offer a variety of pastas at Williams-Sonoma, from shells to macaroni and penne for the perfect noodle every time. Start by choosing the right noodle for your desired dish and pair with one of our pasta sauces for a rich, creamy taste of zesty tomato sauce for traditional flavors. Take your pasta dishes to the next level with lemon basil sauce or add a luxurious taste with black truffle pasta sauces. Whether you’re creating a simple bolognese or carbonara or whipping up something more extravagant, you’ll find what you need in our collection of pasta sauces.

Making pasta for dinner or a pasta salad for a barbecue is quick and easy with our cookware including pasta pots that are designed specifically for this use. Our versatile pasta pot features a perforated insert that drains quickly and cleans up easily. Use the pot with the insert in place for easy preparation of pasta and blanched vegetables or on its own for preparing larger batches of soups, stocks and stews. Opt for a copper core pasta pentola that is responsive to heat and features a quick heat up time and even heat distribution when boiling pasta.

Once you have the equipment to create perfect pasta, select from our saucepans to ensure evenly heated and delicious pasta sauces. Stainless-steel saucepans are excellent for heating sauces as they can withstand high temperatures without burning your sauce. Nonstick saucepans are also ideal for pasta sauces as they offer easy cleanup and can be used with silicone or plastic cook tools. Opt for a glass-lidded saucepan so you can easily keep an eye on the consistency of the sauce, and choose a pan with a built-in pour spout for easy draining onto your pasta.

Whipping up a pasta sauce with the proper consistency is even easier with cook tools such as whisks that are designed to thicken sauces and develop flavors with air flow. If you are using a nonstick pan, opt for silicone over stainless-steel whisks so as to protect the nonstick surface. Choose from copper, stainless-steel and wooden handles for your preferred grip texture or to match your existing cookware. Make sure to constantly stir sauces with your whisk, especially at high temperatures to avoid burning the sauce.

Our pasta sauces make the perfect addition to a quickly thrown together dinner or a more elaborate affair. Make pasta from scratch with our pasta tools that ensure your dinner will be a success whether it’s an evening with the family or a large gathering of friends and colleagues. Our pasta machines are available in vibrant hues including red to add a pop of color to your kitchen or traditional stainless-steel and copper. Simply roll out your pasta dough and feed it through the machine for perfect noodles. Use our pasta dryer for homemade spaghetti noodles, or select a fluted pastry cutter or stamp to create shapes and raviolis. You can also make homemade ravioli with a mold that is specifically designed and limits the time needed compared to using a ravioli stamp.

When making homemade pasta noodles to use with our pasta sauces, make sure to select pasta forks that ensure the cooking process goes smoothly. Pasta forks are designed with gently rounded tines that grip noodles without tearing them making them perfect for use with long pastas like spaghetti, linguini and fettuccini. Our pasta forks feature a slit or hole for draining so that you can test the consistency of the noodles during the boiling process. Opt for a wooden handle for a hand crafted taper that fits perfectly in your hand, or go for professional grade stainless-steel that provides comfortable grip and easy hanging storage.

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