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Meat & Seafood

Sink your teeth into the juiciest steaks and finest sea specimens with the selection of meat and seafood from Williams-Sonoma. Whether you want to fire up your backyard grill or just want to heat up your grill pan for a quick dinner inside, we have all of the protein options you need. All of our meat and seafood comes shipped to you frozen to guarantee freshness and safety while it is in transport.

If you need something to serve to guests for a Christmas or holiday dinner, look no further than a succulent portion of prime rib. Cook this cut of meat in the oven slowly, letting the top portion of fat baste the rest of the meat. Another good choice for holiday meat is beef tenderloin, which goes terrific with vegetables and potatoes. Make sure you have good-quality olive oil and vinegar to help bring out all of the flavors of the meat. These cuts of beef are so juicy and tender that all you need to season them is some simple salt and pepper.

Treat yourself to a decadent steak dinner just about any day of the week with our wide selection of steaks for grilling and broiling. Ribeye steaks are one of the fattiest cuts available, giving you massive bursts of flavor in every bite. A strip steak is a little leaner, making it the ideal choice for those trying to watch their fat intake. Filet mignon is one of the tenderest cuts from the cow, but it is also generally a lean cut as well. We wrap some of our filet mignon cuts in bacon to bring out more of their flavor and give them a healthy dose of fat. For cuts that barely even need steak knives for cutting, try Wagyu and Kobe beef, recognized internationally for their intricate marbling.

For a memorable backyard barbecue experience, try some of our craft sausages. These hot dogs and other similar meats contain 100 percent natural ingredients, giving them more flavor and nutrition than the ones you pick up from the store. We also offer hamburger patties filled with all of the spices that turn them into delicious chunks of meat for your picnic purposes. If you prefer to slow things down on your backyard grill, try some of our beef briskets or pork ribs that require hours on low heat to cook to perfection.

For Thanksgiving, we offer whole birds for you to warm in the oven and carve the traditional way. We also have several options of boneless turkey breast that is ideal for making sandwich slices. Find a turkey breast already stuffed with dressing to take care of one of your side dishes. If you are unsure about hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year, let us take care of it by providing you a complete meal with sides such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gourmet pasta and vegetables.

If you crave something a little healthier for your burgers and other dishes that use ground beef, check out our ground chicken selection. Use this meat as a substitute for any recipe that uses ground beef, such as lasagna or tacos, to cut down on the fat and reduce calories all around.

If you live far from the coast, we make it possible for you to enjoy fresh Maine lobsters, and we even ship them live to your door. We have our suppliers catch these lobsters fresh every day and, as soon as you order, they are sent to your desired location. We also take the guesswork out of making such delicacies as Maryland crab cakes and seafood pastry pinwheels with our selections that ship frozen to your door.

When it comes to luxury seafood items, we offer smoked salmon gift sets that go perfectly with fresh squeezed lemon, red onion and capers. Add some of our fine caviar selections, including roe from salmon and trout and other quality fish, which only needs a bit of sour cream to create a memorable taste sensation.