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Some foods, from the classic Chicago hot dog to Kansas City barbecue, are defined almost entirely by their condiments. If your tastes tend to aim a bit higher than your average yellow mustard and sugary red ketchup, Williams-Sonoma’s selection of gourmet condiments is right up your alley. With options including fruit chutney, flavored mustard, gravy and even luxurious rendered duck fat, our condiments eschew the ordinary in favor of the extraordinary. Giving you far more elevated flavor profiles than what you’ll find on your average grocery store shelves, our condiments section focuses on high-quality ingredients and unique recipes for an emboldened take on food. Even the humble hamburger is in for a major makeover.

There are plenty of options in the average home kitchen to provide finishing flavor and richness to dishes like pasta or salads, but condiments provide more body and heft than your average oil and vinegar combination. Depending on what your goals are, you likely want a condiment to both provide flavor and have some physical heft that allows for spreading onto a sandwich. We offer plenty of options that suit this need perfectly, whether you want a rich, fatty finish to your snack or would like to add a dash of spice and fruity complexity.

Our condiments section also includes elements you can use for building better burgers. Finding the right balance of ingredients can be an art when you’re trying to get ground beef, lamb or pork to hold together, but with our burger-building condiments, simply follow the instructions on the package to add deep, exciting flavor to your meat. If you prefer to leave your burger patties unseasoned save for some salt and pepper, opt for one of our delicious burger spreads to add to your bun after the meat is cooked. Either way, you’ll end up with a tasty alternative to the average mustard and ketchup combo that, while delicious in its own way, doesn’t typically offer a new tasting experience.

This part of our food section also includes sweet spreads that are perfect for pairing with croissants, morning buns and other baked goods that benefit from a dash of fruit and spice. From classics like apple butter to inventive fruit chutneys and decadent pumpkin butter options, we make it easy to add some variety to your morning routine. These condiments are suitable for spreading onto toast, adding to a sandwich for a balance of sweetness or using as part of a recipe for thumbprint cookies or filled pastries. That versatility is a major draw for many of these condiments, so don’t hesitate to pick up a few and get creative with how you use them.

You may not think of condiments when you think of Thanksgiving dinner, but what other category could classic staples like cranberry sauce and gravy fit into? These are condiments you may not enjoy with every meal, but they can make or break the Thanksgiving experience for families who love having certain recognizable flavors on hand. Our condiments let you embrace those flavor traditions without sacrificing quality. Go beyond the cans of gelatinous cranberry stuff at your table – we have cranberry condiments that have recognizable berries in each bite.

From burger enthusiasts to fledgling cooks who may need a little help creating their dishes and adding amazing flavor, our condiments include many excellent gift options. Treat your friends and family to delicious toppings, or simply stock your fridge and pantry with spreads, toppings and bases that provide a wonderful boost of unusual flavor to anything you create. Expand your horizons and stock up on old favorites; our condiments section has plenty of options for both.

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