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Caramel Apples

Candy & Chocolate

From slightly sweetened whole-grain muffins to fruity sorbets, there are many sensible ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard. But sometimes, there’s no substitute for the sugary indulgence of candy. Williams-Sonoma’s gourmet candy & gourmet chocolate gives you a refined way to indulge your craving for sweets, providing sophisticated flavors and high-end ingredients blended to perfection by some of the world’s best chocolatiers and candymakers. With options including charming holiday shapes and all-season delights, this product has something for everyone at any time of year. If you have any dietary restrictions, you can find a candy or chocolate option to suit your need, too.

With is deep, unmistakable flavor, chocolate is one of the most coveted food products in the world, and it’s been a major point of enjoyment for refined palettes for thousands of years. From its origins in ancient cultures inhabiting modern-day Mexico and Guatemala to today, chocolate has been a treasured treat enjoyed by young and old. Our selection of chocolate candies includes everything from luxurious truffle assortments from French chocolatiers to foil-wrapped holiday shapes to include in a Christmas stocking or Easter basket. You can go ultra-highbrow, opting for avant garde flavor combinations and artistic presentation, or you can simply opt for a creamy and classic bit of plain milk chocolate. Let your cravings be your guide.

Our other candy flavors, including fruity gummies and rich caramel, can also satisfy a variety of flavor cravings. In particular, our selection of Halloween-themed candy is likely to delight anyone who loves that candy-focused celebration of ghouls and goblins. We offer a variety of different spooky candy treats in shapes as varied as skeletons, skulls, cats and bats. We offer a variety of different takes on the classic candy corn silhouette, too, bringing an iconic shape and color pattern to the table with a more sophisticated flavor profile than the candy normally presents.

From pumpkin-shaped gummies to fluffy marshmallows, caramel apples to decadent chocolate and toffee barks, our gourmet chocolate & gourmet candy selection is bound to delight your taste buds. Our gourmet chocolates are a particularly great way of allowing for occasional indulgence in a decadent sweet. Just select a box of luxurious truffles or caramels and slowly work your way through the box piece by piece. Save them for a rainy day or reward yourself for a particularly important accomplishment – there are plenty of good reasons to treat yourself and indulge in some of the finest candies available.

Our gourmet chocolates & gourmet candies use the finest ingredients, giving you a tasting experience free from diluting additives that some of the cheap brands use to stretch out their ingredients. No waxy, dusty chocolate here – just smooth, perfectly tempered flavor. If you have dietary restrictions, look out for labels and ingredient lists in our product descriptions. Some of our candies are certified Kosher, while others use vegan-friendly ingredients. We make it possible for all kinds of people to enjoy a wonderful candy treat without sacrificing values. After all, the joy that candy and chocolate bring should be something that’s available to everyone.

You can share the joy by giving our gourmet chocolates & gourmet candies as gifts to friends and loved ones. From holiday gift baskets to college care packages and birthday treats, these candies are perfect for bringing joy and enjoyment to brighten someone’s day. You’ll balance good flavor with good cheer thanks to the great taste and amazingly artistic packaging that characterizes our candies. So whether you’re stocking up to satisfy your own candy cravings or you’re giving a sweet hello to someone you love, our gourmet chocolates & gourmet candies offer plenty of great options for you to choose from. No matter what your tastes and lifestyle, we have something that can suit.

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