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Croissants & Pastries

Getting out of bed in the morning is always easier when you have a tasty breakfast waiting. A humble croissant can be a beacon of hope, drawing you to the realm of wakefulness like a moth to a flame. Williams-Sonoma’s croissants & pastries are perfect for a snack or light meal at any time of day, whether you eat them plain, load them with jam or use them as bread for a sandwich, but they’re especially wonderful first thing in the morning. With options including the classic butter croissant, sweet and savory filled croissants, cinnamon rolls, morning buns, biscuits and fruit pastries, this product category lets you keep a steady supply of delicious pastries in your home to make every morning a special event.


Croissants are one of those magical foods that create a decadent dining experience without many ingredients. Though they’re somewhat simple on paper, the reality of the croissant is a flaky, buttery, layered delight that even the most experienced baker may be wary to take on as a regular baking project. That’s because the croissants signature layers come about through a process called laminating, which requires bakers to fold and flatten the dough with precision to create a lofty, airy finished product. Since they require intensive labor, it makes them perfect for purchase from a bakery, allowing you to enjoy a delightful treat with efficiency and ease.


Many breakfast pastries also use laminated dough as a way of achieving that delightful flaky crunch that makes them so suitable as a first meal when consumed with just a touch of fruity jam or alongside a poached egg. While that baking technique can be fun to experiment with from time to time, you may find it easier to purchase croissants & pastries from our food section. Our croissants & pastries are available in a variety of sizes and flavors, too, allowing you to easily add to your options for a light meal in the morning. We take care to make sure your food order arrives to you fresh, so your croissants may arrive to your door in frozen dough form, requiring you to simply thaw and bake to enjoy freshly made pastry at home.


From pancakes to coffee cake and doughnuts or simple buttered toast, there’s a reason bread products are so commonly associated with breakfast. Light and simple, these foods are easy to eat as a first step to the day. If hearty, dense breakfasts aren’t your preference, croissants and pastries can give you the early-morning energy boost you need to start the day off right. Whether you live in a gorgeous rural area that’s sadly free from good bakeries or you simply like to spend the first few hours of your day in idyllic seclusion at home, having the ability to fresh-bake your own croissant can make for a luxurious indulgence and fills a practical need.


If you like to snack on something fruity in the morning, many of our pastries feature pie-like fillings in a smaller size and with lighter pastry as an alternative to hearty pie crust. These fruit-filled treats are also great for serving to friends who come over for a cup of tea in the afternoon or for setting out during business meetings to give colleagues and clients something good to munch on while you get down to brass tacks. Having some of our ready-made pastries on hand is yet another way to be prepared for any hosting duties that come your way.


Whether you take your breakfast with a cup of inky black coffee or a refreshing sip of juice, our croissants & pastries make an excellent accompaniment to get your day started. Eat them on their own with jam or use them in place of toast for a more delightful treat first thing.

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