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Frozen Croissants to Ship and Send as Delightful Gifts

Did you know frozen croissants make an excellent gift for those you love, including yourself? Order croissants online now with delivery service from Williams Sonoma. These flaky, light bread rolls are a delight in the mornings on their own, as part of breakfast sandwich or as a snack with tea or coffee any time of day. Choose from classic or mini sizes, plus a delectable variety of fillings and flavors. There are even gluten-free versions to enjoy or share. Frozen croissants are really coming into their own with this unique gift delivery service.

Croissant Delivery for Your Loved Ones

Imagine the joy your friends and family will experience when you send them a box of golden croissants. These frozen croissants maintain their flaky, buttery texture as soon as your friends pop them in the oven. They also stay fresh and firm while on the way to whomever you choose.

  • Send a box of croissants as a housewarming gift to friends or family who just moved into a new place. They'll appreciate having a quick, gourmet breakfast while they settle into their new home.
  • Order a box online to have delivered to a business colleague or family member as a thank you for a favor, a job well done or a special offer of hospitality.
  • Celebrate holidays from afar when you send a box of flavorful croissants. Make them a signature gift and send different flavors for different times of year or events.

What Makes Croissant Dough So Good?

Croissant dough is so amazing because it's so labor intensive. That's another reason why frozen croissants make an amazing gift. Many people may enjoy baking bread or rolling out dough for pizzas, but croissants are an art form that requires lots of time and specific hand with the dough.

  • Dough is laminated, a process that involves folding butter and dough in layers. To do this, you could use a mixer, but you still have to roll the dough out.
  • There are periods of resting and chilling that add an almost scientific level of precision to the craft of croissants.
  • When baking, the temperature and proportion of butter dance in perfect unison, making sure the steam helps to lightly bake the inner layers of dough.

When you consider the intensity of the process, suddenly it's clear why croissants are so addictively good and why ordering high-quality frozen croissants is an excellent idea.

How To Serve Croissants

Once your order arrives, pop croissants in the oven and serve them warm. You can use a bread knife to slice them in half and slather a fine butter or jam on them, make a breakfast sandwich with egg or cheese and spinach, or simply eat them as they are, mouthwateringly warm.