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Coffee Grinders

Your morning routine helps you start off each day on the right foot, and coffee is often a big part of the get-up-and-go part of the day. To make an exceptional cup or pot of coffee every time, use a coffee grinder before beginning your brew. A grinder allows you more control over your coffee, letting you be in charge of customizing your own cup for drip, espresso, Turkish coffee and more. Williams-Sonoma offers a bevy of different grinders, from automatic to manual, that are sure to suit any coffee lover’s needs.

If you want the ultimate in convenience, quickness and user-friendliness, opt for a professional, automatic coffee grinder. Instead of blades, this type of maker uses conical stainless-steel burrs to gently grind coffee. Sixty programmable settings let you choose the exact type of grind setting that you prefer, with the ability to adjust the grind time at increments of 0.2 seconds. An LCD display lets you clearly see your grind setting, grind time and number of cups or shots programmed.

If you still prefer digital readouts but do not require as many settings, consider a smaller-capacity grinder with 18 different programmable grind settings. This alternative model also features conical burrs to grind the beans, keeping the coffee’s natural oils locked in and robust. For ease of use and maintenance, this model also includes a measuring scoop as well as a cleaning brush. If you do not require the convenience of a digital machine but still prefer a one-touch grinding option, a blade grinder suits your coffee grinding needs. A removable grinding bowl has an airtight lid to let you grind coffee ahead of time and store it before you need it, saving precious time in the morning. This blade grinder is easy to clean and care for, and has a brushed stainless-steel housing for durability.

Those that prefer grinding by hand have their choice of several models of manual coffee grinders. A small, ceramic model with a no-slip rubber base allows you to grind your coffee exactly as you want it. Taking up minimal space on the countertop, you are able to detach this base and seal it to store coffee grounds for later. For a classic, vintage look, opt for an antique coffee mill. A true conversation starter on your countertop, this classic looking coffee mill is made of beechwood, directly from European forests, and its stainless-steel mechanism provides the perfect grind every time.

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