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Coffee & Espresso Grinders

As with everything in the kitchen, the best tasting coffee begins with the freshest ingredients paired with the right tool to create quality beverages. At Williams Sonoma, we offer all coffee lovers the best of both: ingredients and tools for a perfect cup of coffee right at home. Our coffee grinders range from vintage hand-crank coffee mills to electric coffee grinders that transform whole roasted coffee beans into ground coffee quickly and concisely, which is the first step to creating a coffee cup to rival your favorite coffee house. Consider yourself warned, the fresh ground coffee beans and the alluring caffeinated aroma of these tabletop treasures will spoil you. Convenient and affordable electric coffee grinders will prove they are a necessity for anyone who drinks coffee, from those who want a casual cup now and again to the serious coffee connoisseurs, whose world, personality and mood all depend on their first sip of the day.

First, select your beans and coffee machine of choice for a single cup, a full pot or a cold brew coffee concentrate. There are a wide variety of coffee beans, roasts, and flavors that work fine with any of our electric grinders and coffee makers. However, our exclusive Equator World Coffee Selection is a terrific place to start to find your favorites. Because the beans are selected based on their season, they are always picked at the peak of freshness, making the coffee beans in this collection an ever-changing variety waiting to be discovered anew each delivery. The beans are light and medium roasted just prior to shipping directly to you. The beans then can be freshly ground with one of our premium electric coffee grinders to release the flavor potential and aroma pot by pot.

Ground coffee can be used in any coffee brewer or basic electric coffee pot. However, our intelligent, professional-grade grinders feature up to 60 different grind settings that range from the finest of espresso grind to coarser grinds, which are ideal to use in a French press. Some grinders offer an LED interface that allows you to choose the perfect grind, depending on the desired amount of coffee and boldness. The powerful motor operates at a low speed to ensure the delicate oils are not overheated while providing a uniform texture to the grind. Integrated features allow you to measure beans in weight and adjust the grind times, which make it possible for you to control the tweaks to create perfection in a cup.

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