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Wusthof Epicure Knives & Epicure Knife Sets

Wusthof is known for creating quality knives for passionate and skillful home cooks. The Epicure series continues this tradition with innovative and sustainable knife designs featuring inviting handles and precision-forged blades. Modern lines lend the set an attractive appearance and user-friendly features will help you breeze through any slicing, cutting or chopping tasks.

Interested in finding out more? Here is what you need to know about the Wusthof Epicure knives & Epicure knife sets available at Williams Sonoma.

Why Choose Wusthof Epicure Knives?

Wusthof Epicure knives have many features and benefits that might make them a great choice for your kitchen and entertaining needs.

  • Blades are wide and subtly curved for extra stability and balance, offering plenty of knuckle room.
  • Blades are crafted of high-carbon stainless steel for durability and strength.
  • Each handle is crafted of strong wood-fiber composite, the same material used in many premium cutting boards for its superior durability.
  • Handles are ergonomically sculpted to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.
  • Two stainless steel rivets securely fasten the blade to the handle.

Wusthof Epicure Collection

The Wusthof Epicure collection consists of seven types of knives, each suited to different cooking tasks.

  • Chef's knife: This all-purpose knife is an indispensable tool in any home cook's repertoire. The Epicure chef's knife is perfectly balanced for easy chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing.
  • Slicing knife: Sporting a longer and narrower blade than the chef's knife, the Epicure slicing knife is ideal for precision slicing tasks like carving roasts and slicing fish fillets.
  • Utility knife: Smaller than a chef's knife, the Epicure utility knife is great for cutting and slicing smaller meats and vegetables, as well as shallots and herbs.
  • Paring knife: Even smaller than a utility knife, a paring knife is your go-to knife for slicing and mincing small produce like herbs and garlic cloves for garnishing.
  • Serrated utility knife: With an added serrated edge, the Epicure serrated utility knife can easily slice through foods with delicate textures, like bread, soft vegetables, citrus fruit, tomatoes and sausage.
  • Double-serrated bread knife: With twice as many serrations, the double-serrated knife is capable of cutting through crusty bread without tearing and with minimal crumbs. It can also be used for very delicate foods like angel food cake.
  • Hollow-edge Santoku knife: Thinner than a chef's knife, the curved Santoku blade features hollow-edge indentations which reduce friction with the food and help prevent it from sticking to the knife.

You can ensure that your Wusthof Epicure knives remain in good condition for a long time to come by keeping them put away inside a knife storage block when not in use and investing in a quality knife sharpener.

Wusthof Epicure Knife Sets

The Wusthof Epicure collection also includes three different knife sets that might be a good option for your needs.

  • Steak knife set: Includes four steak knives, each 4 1/2" in length, perfect for cutting steaks, pork chops and chicken breast.
  • 2-piece set: A great starter combo, the Epicure 2-piece set comes with one chef's knife and one paring knife.
  • 7-piece set: Quickly upgrade your knife collection with this 7-piece set, which includes a chef's knife, paring knife, serrated utility knife, double-serrated utility knife, honing steel, kitchen shears and knife block.

High-quality knives will stand up to any cutting task, from everyday kitchen chopping to prepping intricate dishes that will amaze your dinner party guests. Williams Sonoma's selection of Wusthof Epicure knives & Epicure knife sets offers everything you need to take your cooking skills to the next level.

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