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Shun Premier Knives Offer Beauty and Precision

Add Shun Premier knives to your home for precise cuts from a beautiful countertop set. This majestic line of cutlery comes from one of Japan's leading knife makers. Shun refers to the Japanese word for the prime moment of ripeness of any given food. It's this philosophy of perfect ingredients and the ultimate enjoyment of them that informs the Premier collection. Admire its gorgeous wooden handles, hand-honed blades and polished bolsters. Then, select which ones to order today.

Iconic Knives for Home Chefs

Home chefs love Premier knives for how easily they integrate with the rest of your kitchen.

  • The Shun Premier chef's knife is an everyday tool that you can use at every meal. Shun makes a Western version that has a spear tip for cutting in a rocking motion, one of the more popular Western techniques.
  • Even when there are Westernized features that are easy for you to use, this knife still offers Japanese sharpness and balance, making it a really wonderful choice for your home.
  • Other knives, like the kiritsuke, are a stricter interpretation of the Japanese chef's knife. These knives are made for the rapid up-and-down chopping motion common to Asian cooking.

Tsuchime Blades Make Prep Easy

One of the signature characteristics of the Premier collection is the tsuchime contouring of the blade. This allows you to cut slices to exceptional thinness, as if you were working with a mandoline.

  • Tsuchime is the contoured indentations of the knife that run along the length of the blade.
  • These indentations create less friction between the side of the blade and the food you're cutting.
  • Once the blade's edge slices through the food, less friction helps to release the food from the side of the blade.
  • If you've ever cut cucumbers, tomatoes or raw fish to ultra-thin slices, you know what it's like to have to stop to peel pieces off the knife. Shun avoids this interruption for clean, efficient rhythms.
  • Hammered blades offer the same result with an appealing ripple look to the knives.

Selecting A Shun Premier Knife Set

You can recognize a Shun Premier knife set by its walnut-colored handle made of PakkaWood. This ambidextrous handle allows an excellent grip that gives you total control over your cuts. See how the combination of a hand-honed blade and such a well-crafted handle make using your Shun knives a superlative experience.

From classic Westernized styles, like bread knives, to deeply Japanese knives, like the nakiri, Shun Premier elevates your cooking.

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