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Shun Hikari Knives Elevate Your Kitchen Prep

Excel in the art of kitchen prep with Shun Hikari knives. These beautiful Japanese knives slice cleanly through food with a magnificent 16-degree blade unlike any other. Shun is known by professionals and home cook enthusiasts for its incredible dedication to sharpness, craftsmanship, balance and functionality. The Hikari line is named after the Japanese word for illumination. See how it can brighten your culinary efforts with its unique beauty.

Shun's Precision and Elegance

The Shun Hikari is prized for its exquisite sharpness. In fact, many Asian knives are beloved for their extra-sharp blades.

  • While many Western knives come in at around 30 degrees, Eastern knives are often approximately half of that.
  • Another difference is the beveling. Most Japanese knives are beveled on one side. An example of an exception to the rule is the Shun Hikari nakiri knife, which is meant for chopping vegetables and leafy greens.
  • The nakiri knife offers incredibly even slices because of its double bevel.
  • When these knives are well-maintained, they may become lifelong kitchen tools. Use a manual sharpener especially designed for Japanese blades.

Features of A Shun Hikari Kitchen Knife

Your Shun Hikari kitchen knife is constructed with several features that set it apart from other knives.

  • The blades are crafted of dual-core stainless steel.
  • Then, they're clad on each side with 71 micro layers of high-carbon high-chromium stainless steel.
  • This creates a hornet's nest pattern inspired by a Damascus-style blade.
  • When taken out of the box, the blades are hand-sharpened.
  • The sharpening is likely to last a very long time, especially when you wash and dry your knives immediately after use.

Balanced Handles Support Fine Cuts

The balance of these knives is also excellent. Since Shun knives often win Kitchen Knife of The Year, you know you're getting a highly considered grip made of flawless materials.

  • The Hikari knives have PakkaWood handles in a beautiful blond tone. This shade lends warmth to the coolness of silver-toned stainless steel.
  • The bolster at the butt of the handle is highly polished for good looks and make it easy to balance this knife, especially when practicing or perfecting advanced culinary techniques.
  • The bolster at the middle of the knife supports balance as well. It also allows you to sharpen these knives easily since it doesn't get in the way.
  • Hakiri knives are comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed cooks.

Develop your Shun collection with these gorgeous knives. Their contrast tones, impressive sharpness and fantastic hand feel combine to offer you a superlative knife.

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