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Shun Classic Knives Handle All Your Prep Tasks

Shun Classic knives make everyday kitchen tasks exceptionally satisfying. This foundational collection from the renowned Japanese cutler features exceedingly sharp edges and comfortable grip handles that allow you full control over basic or advanced cuts. A handful of other characteristics--like sides that prevent food clinging to metal or ambidextrous grips--define the Classic line as one of the best you can get for your kitchen. Expand your culinary skills with a knife range that makes efficient work of any cutting technique you want to try.

Shun's Dedication To Precise Sharpness

Shun is one of Japan's leading knife makers because of the sharpness of the blades. Knives are hand-crafted in Seki City, a town in Japan where cutlery has been the main trade since the 13th century.

  • Shun Classics are inspired by the dazzling blades of samurai swords. Each blade is refined to a precise angle so that your cuts are equally precise.
  • Knives are honed and polished by hand as the final step in their sharpening. This makes them exceptionally sharp, but also helps to ensure they need maintenance less often than others knives.
  • The shapes of the blades are made for the ultimate in cutting power. By carefully designing silhouettes and angles across the entirety of the blade, Shun ensures you can easily get the grip and angle you need for perfect prep.

Shun Classic Knife Set Blade Shapes

Get to know the different styles of a Shun Classic knife set. There are a few different sets from which you can choose, but make sure you indulge in a few basics.

  • The Shun Classic chef knife is a longer blade that allows a rocking motion. This rocking is a basic Western cutting technique and likely how you prepare much of your food, even if you don't realize it.
  • To upgrade or complement your current chef's knife, look to a santoku. This handy knife is a cross between a chef's knife and a cleaver. You can do almost everything with it.
  • Try a serrated utility knife for bread, melons or food with waxy exteriors, like citrus or peppers. Shun's has a pointed tip, which may vary from the bread knife you already have.

Add Steak Knives to Your Collection

Make the leap from kitchen to table with Shun's steak knives. According to classic etiquette, these steak knives are usually the sharp knife at the table, so this is your opportunity to showcase what you use when cooking. The fine PakkaWood handles look beautiful at the table, just like they do in the kitchen.

Tsuchime and Hollow Ground Knives

Look to your Shun Classics for tsuchime, a Japanese cutlery technique of ensuring food doesn't stick to the side of the knife. You may have noticed that when you use fruit and vegetable knives, ingredients like cucumbers or tomatoes may stick to the knife. Tsuchime is a series of oval indentations in the knives that keep your blade moving fast as you cook.

Enjoy the beautiful dexterity of these knives in your kitchen and see how much easier prep work becomes.

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