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Inspired by the Japanese sword-making tradition, the Shun knives by Kai come in a wide variety to equip cooks with whatever option they want. Each of the Shun knives requires up to 100 steps to be completed thus ensuring optimum craftsmanship that adds sophistication to your kitchen. Get all the knives you want for cutting, chopping, slicing and trimming. They are available in different lines including Kaji, Fuji, Pro, Sora Hiro, Blue and Dual-Core. Most knife sets come with a block for holding your knives to keep them organized. Donʼt forget to add honing tools to ensure your cutting tools are sharp for effortless and smooth use. At Williams-Sonoma, we take pride in availing different kitchen tools that make your cooking best and your meals delectable.

Lightweight and perfectly balanced, Global knives are premium knives that are crafted to professional standards. They are made from 100 percent Cromova 18 high-carbon stainless-steel to ensure durability. Additionally, the knives are hardened to resist rusting. Get options that are extra wide, making them ideal for cutting vegetables. The knives feature indentations on the handle to prevent sticking and ensure maximum grip. You can pick a single knife, three-piece, five-piece or even a 20-piece to get your kitchen ready for all the cutting and chopping tasks. Global also offers other products including shears, cleavers, storage blocks and sharpeners.

Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, Epicurean offers different cutting boards, knife racks, knife blocks and holders for daily kitchen use. The cutting boards are made from durable wood fiber to serve your cutting needs for a longer time. The material does not absorb unwanted odors and flavors. Choose from different sizes and colors for almost any kind of job. The knife racks and blocks are also made from an eco-friendly wood composite that is easy to clean and is gentle on the knife edges. Recessed magnets are included on the racks to hold the knives securely.

If you need knives in different styles, you can opt for Michel Bras knives. These knives are the result of a collaboration between the French renowned chef, Michael Bras, and Kai. Choose a three-knife set or a 10-knife set depending on your kitchen needs. They have titanium coating to enhance their anti-oxidation properties and are made from stainless-steel with PakkaWood handles. Whether you need a paring, bread or slicing knife, you are certain to get your ideal pick. Hack through beef, pork and poultry easily with a meat cleaver that boasts maximum strength. Get Michel Bras storage blocks too to organize all your knives easily.

We also stock a collection of Sebatier knives, which are celebrated for their precise edges. They are products of a family-owned French company, the Therias et lʼEconome in Thiers. The knives are forged to ensure optimum balance and have a full-tang construction for a solid grip. Every detail of the knife is masterfully crafted to lend the elegance that your kitchen deserves. With rounded bolsters, you are sure to enjoy a great feel that facilitates feasible cutting and chopping. Additionally, the knives have narrow, pointed blade-shape that gives you maximum control and ensures precision cutting.

You even have more options with KitchenAid knives to equip our kitchen with a wide selection that you want. KitchenAid brings more than 70 years of cooking experience to your kitchen, offering products that get all your kitchen tasks done easily. It offers professional knife sets that come with a storage block for easy storage. You could simply pick a single knife for a particular task. The knives are made from high-carbon, stain-resistant German steel for maximum durability. With triple-riveted composite handles, you get to enjoy a firm grip for an effortless cutting. Donʼt forget to get electric knife sharpeners from brands such as ChefʼsChoice that set a razor-sharp edge on any type of knife.

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