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Knife Blocks

An organized kitchen makes creating meals all the more enjoyable, especially when your cook’s tools and cutlery are close at hand while cooking. If you prefer to keep your knives displayed on the countertop as opposed to an in-drawer knife compartment, a knife block is an efficient choice. Knife blocks always have slots for your most used knives, like chef’s knives, slicers and paring knives, and larger blocks also accommodate bread knives, butcher knives and steak knives. We have a wide selection of wooden and stainless-steel knife blocks of various sizes for you to choose from – featuring just five slots to a generous 35.

All knife blocks have a slot for a honing steel, an instrument as essential as your knives, for regularly keeping knife blades at their top performance between sharpenings. Larger knife blocks also have a slot for kitchen shears, one of those essential kitchen tools that comes in handy in a wide variety of situations. A knife block with rubberized feet will protect your countertops as well as remain in a stable position as you take out and replace knives.

Knife blocks with horizontal slots are ideal for eliminating contact stress on your blades, keeping them sharp longer. If you do choose a knife block with vertical slots, however, you can get the same beneficial effect by storing your blades with their knife edges up so they are not coming in contact with the block’s material. That’s also why knife blocks are generally angled, keeping the knives from coming in contact with the knife block and preserving the edges of your blades.

Browse our selection of knife blocks with the exclusive Williams-Sonoma label. These blocks, both large and small, are made of solid maple wood or of walnut harvested from FSC-certified forests in the USA. Bamboo, acacia and cherry are other hardwood alternatives, along with designer knife blocks made of beech wood. This storage option is comprised of a crisscross top-loading pattern, allowing you to arrange knives of various sizes in any pattern you choose.

We also offer Shun knife blocks in sustainably harvested bamboo as well as cherry, both with a laminated coating for longevity. Shun also gives you the option of choosing modular knife blocks. Great for both left- and right-handed cooks, modular knife blocks allow you to arrange your knives in any order you like, changing the pattern whenever you want to. A stainless-steel option will give you a hygienic knife block that is easy to clean, and our magnetic knife block by Nesmuk affords you the convenience of a magnetic strip for your knives right on your countertop.

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