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Organizing Your Knives with a Knife Block

Creating a home-cooked meal requires a little patience, decent organization and proper time management. As your pots and pans simmer on the stove, the last thing you want to be doing is rummaging through a cluttered drawer to find the knife you need. With a fully stocked knife block on the kitchen countertop, all the tools you need to cook up delicious meals will always be within reach. Choose from traditional wooden blocks, modern steel blocks and unique magnetic blocks to store and organize your entire knife collection.

Wooden Storage Blocks

Most matching knife sets come with a traditional wooden knife block. If you already have a collection of quality knives at home, you can also purchase these blocks separately. Wooden storage blocks feature nine to 35 built-in slots of various sizes for holding small peelers, large bread knives and everything in between. Most of these blocks also have special slots for storing other tools like a steel sharpening rod and a handy pair of kitchen shears.

Knife storage blocks by Williams Sonoma are available in a light maple or dark walnut wash. You can choose your preferred shade based on the color of your countertops or the color of your knife handles. Other popular cutlery brands, like Shun and Wusthof, also sell their wooden knife storage blocks separately.

Steel and Magnetic Blocks

In modern kitchens, a steel knife storage block is a great option. These shiny silver blocks come with a rubberized base to prevent slippage on your countertops. Steel blocks feature an assortment of knife slots, all of which are specially designed at an angle so your blades will not collect scratches or scuffs from rubbing against the metal.

Magnetic blocks are another fun knife storage option that's a little more modern than a regular wooden knife block. They generally feature a skinny panel with a strong magnetic surface. Unlike other storage options, where only the handle is displayed, these magnetic holders let you show off the entire knife. They usually cannot hold very many knives at once and are best used to hold only the most commonly required knives, like serrated utility knives and paring knives. A magnetic block is not only useful as a storage tool but also lets you create a beautiful display piece in your kitchen.

Store and organize your knife collection with a knife block from Williams Sonoma. Choose from small or large wooden blocks for traditional kitchens, modern steel blocks for contemporary spaces or unique magnetic blocks to organize and decorate at the same time. No matter which style you choose, you're sure to save time and get more done in the kitchen when your favorite knives are properly stored and easily accessible.

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