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Knife Roll Storage for On-The-Go Chefs

It may not always be possible to cook in your kitchen, but with a high-quality knife roll bag, you can have your favorite cooking tools with you wherever you go. These knife bags come with between eight and 21 specially-designed pockets to store an assortment of your knives. With quality brands like Shun, Messermeister and Wusthof to choose from, your blades will be secured and protected through any amount of travel.

A knife roll is not just for professional chefs or culinary students, though they certainly are helpful in commercial kitchens. These handy bags can also be used as home knife storage to free up counter space in your kitchen. They're also the perfect size to bring along when cooking at an outdoor grill, at a friend's house, on a picnic or at your vacation home.

Storing Your Knives

Bring along a handful of favorite blades or store your whole collection - the choice is yours! Smaller rolls come with eight to 12 slots for knife storage while larger rolls feature 20 to 21 separate knife pockets.

  • The pockets are sufficiently deep to hold tall, skinny knives like bread knives or carving knives.
  • There are also a few pockets in each roll which are spacious enough to accommodate knives with wide blades, like chef's knives, utility knives and santoku knives.
  • Since the pockets are elasticized, knives large and small will fit securely while you travel and are easy to remove as needed while cooking.
  • Chef rolls also feature an assortment of additional pockets and zippered pouches for storing other cooking tools and travel essentials. Use these sections to hold items like pens and pencils, business cards, cutlery, scissors, meat thermometers and much more.

Other Key Features

These handy knife storage rolls also come with many other key features to boost their durability, style and utility.

  • Made of strong padded nylon canvas or polyester, these cases are built to withstand possible damage during travel. The luggage-style outer material is also water-resistant.
  • Every knife roll bag securely closes with zippers and snaps to prevent your tools from spilling out while being carried.
  • They come with a built-in fabric carrying handle as well as a longer adjustable strap for over-the-shoulder transport.
  • These beautiful bags also come in a few different colors and patterns. While basic black is a popular choice, you can also stand out with a bright red knife bag.
  • Many chef rolls can even be personalized with a name or monogram. That way, you'll never have to worry about mixing up your bag with another chef's or otherwise losing track of it during a trip.

Keep your knives and cooking tools with you wherever you go with a quality chef knife roll from Williams Sonoma. With pockets of all shapes and sizes and a zippered enclosure, you can securely store small and large blades as well as other tools like pens and thermometers. Once you've chosen your favorite storage roll from popular cutlery brands like Shun, Messermeister and Wusthof, be sure to add a special monogram to give your roll a personalized touch.

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