Top-rated Kitchen Knives

You can have as many appliances as possible in a kitchen, but without the proper knives, cooking doesn’t turn out as well. Williams-Sonoma provides both amateur home cooks and seasoned culinary professionals some of the best kitchen knives on the market for every job in the kitchen. Find a nice knife set that covers all of your bases, for everything from chopping vegetables to slicing the Thanksgiving turkey, to specialty knives for odd jobs. You can also find a wide variety of knife accessories to make all of your cutting jobs easier and more efficient.

For home cooks who like to start every extravagant meal from scratch, there are a number of cleavers and boning knives that allow you to start with a whole chicken or slab of beef and create portions for serving or freezing for later use. The Global Classic cleaver is an essential kitchen tool for slicing through bones, but it can also be used to chop vegetables for salads to go along with the main course. The knife is made of high-carbon stainless-steel that resists rusting after years of use, while the textured grip gives an ergonomic feel for hours of kitchen prep work.

Serving guests a steak dinner is one of the most impressive things you can do in your kitchen. Give everyone an easy and elegant way to slice through their sirloins or porterhouses by providing them with a steak knife. Find a set of knives to break out on special occasions, such as the Laguiole en Aubrac six-piece set that features handles made from Aubrac and blades made of Sandvik steel. For a more casual steak dinner, the Williams-Sonoma outdoor steak knives come in a stainless-steel storage case, making them perfect for cutting through portions of beef cooked over a campfire.

For those who prefer a diet focused on the herbivore side of things, no kitchen is complete without the best kitchen knives for fruits and vegetables. Create the perfect tomato slices for sandwiches without having any crushed fruit using the Wüsthof Classic knife. The serrated blade cuts through the skin of the tomato with ease, while the two-pronged tip lets you lift the slices onto a piece of bread after cutting. The Wüsthof Classic serrated chopper lets you go through greens and heads of lettuce, creating the perfect portions for salads, while the polymer handle remains comfortable while going through loads of produce.

If you prefer to entertain guests over a bottle of fine wine, nothing goes better with it than an assortment of cheeses. cheese knives combine the perfect balance of elegance and utility for everything from a brie to slices of cheddar. A good cheese set includes a spreader for applying soft cheeses to crackers and fruit, a fork for serving individual pieces of cheese to guests and a knife for breaking up harder cheeses. A set can also include a server for sliding under the cheeses.

For the family that goes through chicken really fast, a good pair of kitchen shears is a necessary tool for slicing through bone and trimming off excess fat before cooking. Shears are also perfect for breaking into sealed bags of dry ingredients and for cutting off pieces of twine used on large portions of roasted meat.

While knives from Williams-Sonoma are made from high-quality metal materials, they do need to be maintained to ensure lengthy and reliable use. A good knife sharpener lets you place the blade inside of it and end up with the perfectly sharpened tool every time you use it. For chefs who amass a large collection of knives over their culinary careers, a wooden knife storage block is also a kitchen essential.