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Stock, Soup & Multipots

For those with limited storage spaces in their kitchen, size is a major consideration when buying induction stock, soup and multipots. They often take up the most space in comparison to other cookware. This is why owning only one to three sizes of this essential cookware is ideal. When you are buying stockpots, soup pots or multipots, it helps to select those that are durable enough to last you a long time and that suit your induction cooking requirements. Williams-Sonoma offers a fine selection of induction stock, soup and multipots in various sizes, materials, structures and features.

As with other induction cookware, stock, soup and multipots for induction cooktop should have a magnetic, ferrous base for maximum efficiency. This means that materials such as stainless-steel and cast iron are naturally induction-ready, while aluminum and copper are not. However, some of our offerings feature a combination of all these materials, making use of all their strengths and making up for each other’s weaknesses. For instance, stainless-steel pots are durable and are resistant to corrosion but do not conduct heat evenly. Adding layers of anodized aluminum or copper to the primary stainless-steel material evens out heat distribution in the cookware.

A good number of our induction stock, soup and multipots feature two or more layers of different materials. These include pots with copper cores for thermal responsiveness, pots with layers of aluminum for better heat distribution and those with stainless-steel inner linings for better food quality. When choosing between these combinations of materials in induction stock, soup and multipots, remember that the most important element should be the base of the cookware. The base should be magnetic with multiple layers of stainless-steel.

As far as sizes go, induction soup, stock and multipots have capacities ranging from 4 quarts to as large as 16 quarts or more. Smaller-capacity pots, such as those between 4 to 6 quarts, see the most action in the kitchen as opposed to larger pots. This means that you should pay closer attention when purchasing smaller pots, keeping an eye out for both quality and durability. For larger pot sizes, make sure that the size of your induction cooktop accommodates its diameter before making the purchase.

Deciding on the extra features and design boils down to personal preferences and taste. Among the extra features available include nonstick inner coatings, tempered glass lids, detachable and interchangeable handles and enamel finishes on carbon steel pots. The different designs on our induction soup, stock and multipots include hammered exteriors, chef’s kitchen looks and brass knobs.

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