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Saucepans & Sauciers

Induction saucepans and sauciers are among the essential pans that you should have for your induction cooktop. While some cookware sets come completely induction-ready, choosing saucepans and sauciers with features that are specific to induction cooking is the best way to ensure that the pans work efficiently for you. Good induction cookware should be responsive to the subtle adjustments in temperature, which is among the strong suits of induction cooktops. Williams-Sonoma has a fine selection of induction saucepans and sauciers that are suitable additions or replacements to your existing cookware.

As with regular cookware, the main difference between induction saucepans and sauciers is the design of their sides, with sauciers having sloped sides compared to the straight sides of a saucepan. The slopes on the sides of a saucier make it ideal for combining and whisking ingredients even while it’s on the cooktop. This active style of cooking means that sauciers should be within the 3-quart range for better manageability. Traditional saucepans, on the other hand, are slightly smaller versions of stock pots and are always handy whenever you need a big batch of sauce for your recipes.

Our induction saucepans and sauciers come in different materials and these include stainless-steel, aluminum, copper and cast iron. Keep in mind, however, that aluminum and copper are not ideal for induction cooking, so if you choose either of these two metals, make sure that they have a ferrous base. Stainless-steel material does not automatically make it induction-ready because such cookware sometimes comes with layers of aluminum or copper, so always check the manufacturer’s recommendation before making your purchase.

The materials in our induction saucepans and sauciers have their own advantages and drawbacks. Copper is a good conductor of heat and responds very well to temperature changes, but it reacts with food and requires a ferrous iron or stainless-steel base for induction cooking. Aluminum likewise has the same advantages as copper, but it also reacts with food and tends to pit if you leave food in it. Stainless-steel is very durable and resists rust and corrosion, but it does not conduct heat well. Cast-iron cookware is naturally induction-ready and retains heat very well. However, cast iron is not too responsive with temperature changes and takes time to heat up properly and evenly.

When choosing induction saucepans and sauciers, start by considering your cooking style and your usual recipes. After determining these factors, select saucepans and sauciers that best suit your cooking habits, recipes and maintenance requirements. Keep an eye out as well for additional features that appeal to you, such as riveted handles, nonstick coatings, see-through lids and removable handles. Also consider your available storage space for the cookware, as some of our offerings come in sets.

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