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Transport your tastes buds to the warm beaches of Valencia using a delicious paella crafted in the fantastic cookware from Garcima. Imported from Spain, Garcima cookware boasts a carbon-steel construction ensures even heating across the entire cooking surface so you have a perfect paella and other delicious dishes every time. You can almost smell the salty Mediterranean air of the famous Spanish port city as you fire up the stovetop to mix in you favorite seafood with the specially spiced rice. Take it the traditional route with chicken or even rabbit. Pour yourself a glass of horchata, and youʼre ready for a magnificent meal straight from Spain.

First, however, youʼll need a recipe to cook in your Garcima cookware. Pick yourself up a Williams-Sonoma cookbook specializing in rustic Spanish cuisine. Find recipes from every region of Spain, from countryside favorites to the wealth of seafood dishes found along the coastline to the sophisticated snacks and starters of Catalunya and Andalucia. Once armed with dishes that pique your inner foodie, take family and friends on a journey through the countryʼs cuisine with your high-quality Garcima cookware. Your taste buds will thank you for the vacation.

After you have your recipes, youʼll need ingredients. We have you covered, with our top-notch selection of paella-related items. Stock your pantry with high-quality Spanish olive oils for a more authentic touch to your Iberian dishes. If you plan to make paella, you cannot make it without saffron, so make sure to order some. One container will last a while as just a pinch or two is enough for most recipes. For those cooks short on time, choose from our various packaged paellas and risottos for appetizing plates in no time. Just pour it into some Garcima cookware, and youʼre all set. Fast and fantastic – you canʼt beat that. Donʼt forget your utensils. Without them, that delicious Spanish dish might fall pretty flat.

Wash down a delicious plate of hot Spanish cuisine with a cool beverage. Pour yourself some wine made in the Spanish countryside or grab a glass of your favorite refreshing concoction whipped up in your kitchen. Just make sure you have the right glassware. Whether itʼs stemware or barware or just casual glasses, youʼll want to serve your refreshments in style. Pick a pitcher for your favorite fruit fusion or select a designer decanter for your chosen red or white wine. Make sure you have enough matching glasses for everyone as no one likes to be left out of the fun.

For an added touch of authenticity, mix yourself up a cool and refreshing glass of horchata. The traditional Valencian beverage is made using ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tigernuts or melon seeds. Once you perfect the beverage recipe, put your own twist on it using your favorite spices, like a stick of cinnamon or dash of nutmeg, maybe a splash of vanilla. Make your meal authentically Spanish from stove to plate to glass. Your friends and family will love it.

Speaking of family and friends, if youʼre planning a Spanish cuisine night, you will want a picture-perfect patio set to create that Mediterranean mood for some authentic ambience. Our collection of outdoor furniture offers plenty of options to create a scenic seaside getaway in your own backyard. Add an umbrella to shade everyone from the sun during the dog days of summer, the optimal season for entertaining. Make sure you have a big enough table and plenty of chairs to fit family and friends comfortably. Throw in a fire pit, and you can use your Garcima cookware outside for traditional paella preparation. Show off your Spanish cuisine skills around the open flames for a fun night with family and friends.