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Fissler Cookware

When it comes to the finest in cookware, the kind used by renowned chefs and serious cooks around the world, Fissler is a well-known name. In the 1920s, Fissler introduced the first aluminum pans for electric stoves. Then in the 1950s, it developed the first pressure cooker with a multisetting control valve and the patented “Thematic” base. Today, Fissler continues to be an innovative producer, constantly developing new technology and improving upon modern designs. We offer many of these products at Williams-Sonoma.

A pressure cooker works on one simple premise: steam pressure. A sealed pot, with a lot of steam inside, builds up high pressure, which helps food to cook faster. With a pressure cooker in your kitchen, you can produce delicious, home-cooked meals in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare food the conventional way. Throw in some different cooking methods and a few accessories and you can even deep fry with it if you’d like. Speed up the process of slow-cooked meals, like stews and braises. In fact, a pressure cooker is so efficient, you can cut your cooking time by up to 70 percent. And you can cook almost anything in it. It is used most frequently for beans, stews and vegetables, but you can also prepare a pot of rice in just a few minutes. It’s also great for foods that need to be tenderized, like braised meats and roasts. Try hard-boiled eggs. The shells pop right off.

There are two adjustable cooking levels: low for cooking delicate foods and high for hearty meats, beans and vegetables. If you’re adapting a conventional recipe to a pressure cooker, just prepare the ingredients as called for in the original version. The key is to make sure you are using enough liquid to create steam, which is typically a minimum of 1–2 cups. You will likely have to cut back on the cooking time by somewhere between 25 and 50 percent. Remember, you can always go back and cook the food longer if need be, but overcooked food can’t be saved.

You can have a delicious meal prepared in a fraction of the time, with only one pot to clean. Plus you can save energy and improve the flavor, texture and nutritional value of your food. So, make that roast, a pot of beans, brown rice, soups and stews every night of the week, quickly and easily. By cooking your food under pressure for a fraction of the time, you preserve the vitamins and minerals as well as the flavor.

If you’re looking for a versatile piece of cookware, try a stainless-steel wok. For more than 2,000 years, the wok has been the essential tool of the Chinese kitchen. No other pan can claim the same versatility. In fact, the legendary Chinese cooking teacher Florence Lin once said: “With one wok, we can do everything.”

You can sear, grill, deep-fry, poach, steam and more in this classic pan. It’s ideal for low-fat cooking and the unique surface lets you fry or sear with a less amount of oil. Plus, an aluminum-core base works on all stove tops, including induction cooking. Many cooks consider the wok to be the ultimate pan for just about every kind of cooking technique. Its broad surface allows liquids to reduce more quickly and its deep, concave shape makes stir frying simple. It also radiates intense heat, which actually transforms its sloping sides into a dynamic cooking surface.

Whether you choose a Fissler pressure cooker or a wok, or both, you’re sure to get a healthy addition to your kitchen that will save you time and bring plenty of joy as you prepare delicious meals quickly and efficiently.

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