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Cristel Cookware

When you’re happy, cooking is a breeze. Exciting cookware brings the kitchen to life and inspires you. You feel energized and in the mood to try out new recipes and give them your own personal twist. And that infusion of innovation shows. Your friends and family rave about your delicious signature dishes, which makes you even happier and makes creating meals a genuine delight. Whether you’re starting with a blank slate in your kitchen or want to add another star to your current collection, we have pieces at Williams-Sonoma that shine in every sense. Our French-made Cristel cookware stands out anywhere with its bold forms and professional cooking specs. What are the main advantages of Cristel cookware?

Lustrous 18/10 stainless-steel gives the kitchen an even more beautiful appearance. It’s bright and energetic. That has some awesome effects on the room’s ambience. Because it’s so positive, it helps you to relax and have fun while cooking. Stainless-steel also creates a spacious feel, no matter the size of your kitchen. And, of course, the sleek platinum-colored surfaces bring a touch of French fashion to the space. It brings the idea of five-star European kitchens to mind immediately. And that’s just when you’re cooking.

If you like to serve guests at the kitchen table for a major wow factor, Cristel stainless-steel cookware is an excellent choice. Everyone already knows that you’re an awesome cook. Smooth and shiny stainless-steel gives your meals an even more professional air, turning them all into culinary masterpieces. And since people eat with their eyes first, serving in stainless-steel gets their mouths watering immediately. When you pop off the lid and all those succulent aromas float out, your guests go crazy with anticipation.

Cristel cookware is ideally suited for kitchen-to-table service; in fact, that’s pretty much what it’s designed around. One of the signature features of Cristel cookware is the ability to customize handles however you like. Removable handles let you cook with one set, and serve with another. For example, on the stove top, you probably prefer using a long handle with your fry pan or sauté pan to keep your hands far away from the heat. It gives you a lot of control when turning or stirring. But at the dining room table, a long handle might not fit your serving plans. A great solution? With Cristel cookware, just pop off the extended handle and place two butterfly handles on each side instead. Carrying the finished meal is effortless, looks amazing and is easy to accommodate right on the table or on top of your buffet.

How do Cristel’s removable handles work? They lock securely into place automatically when you slide them into their guide slots. The patented mechanism is safe and solid; it can handle the weight of stockpots filled with hearty soups and stews with no problems thanks to its durable and strong construction. At the same time, switching handles doesn’t take long. Just reverse the locking mechanism and slide the handle out. This ease of use and trustworthy construction are a few reasons why many professional chefs around the world appreciate removable handles.

Another big advantage of removable handles has to do with space and organization. If you have an intimate kitchen where every shelf counts, Cristel’s removable handles and stackable cookware save you lots of room. When you’re ready to put your pots and pans away, not having to accommodate long handles makes things a lot easier. The open design of Cristel frying pans and sauté pans lets you keep several together and still maximize both horizontal and vertical shelf space. Of course, that doesn’t mean that removable handles are only designed for cozy homes and apartments. In a sizeable kitchen, being able to stack cookware is a help in keeping things organized and ready to go. You can have specific storage areas with several pieces of each type of pot and pan – from 2-quart saucepans to large woks. When you have lots of company coming over, it’s not hard to make enough food for all when using the ideal pans for each style of cooking.