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Copper Stockpots

When it comes to cooking large meals or steaming large batches of your favorite foods, having a stockpot or two in your kitchen cookware set is a necessity. An extremely versatile piece of equipment, a stockpot helps you make large batches of soups or chili, stovetop chicken dishes such as chicken cacciatore, seafood like lobster or fresh homemade tomato sauces. Having a professional-grade stockpot really adds a new element to your cooking, making it much more seamless and enjoyable. Many professional chefs employ the use of copper in all of their cooking, from stovetop to oven, because of its unique properties.

Copper is a terrific conductor of heat, so when copper is used in cookware, such as saucepans and stockpots, it distributes heat thoroughly and evenly, so you never have to worry about hot or cold spots on the cooking surface. Copper can, however, be an extremely reactive metal with food, so all of the copper cookware and ovenware available from Williams-Sonoma has an inside layer of either stainless-steel or tin. Stockpots with stainless-steel interiors add durability to the pot while making it easy to clean after the festivities or a simple meal has ended.

In addition to stockpots, many homes need specialty cookware, such as double boilers. A double boiler is an absolute necessity for those who make candies and confections often and is ideal for creating the best Hollandaise sauce. A double boiler with copper construction ensures that your sauces and candies will never scorch because the heat distributes evenly and thoroughly. Copper polenta pots are also great for whipping up a batch of polenta, while a copper sugar pot allows you to melt and caramelize sugar without worry of scorching or burning.

Copper Core stockpots and specialty pots are also available, allowing you the best in versatility and durability with copper as the main element. These products have a thick copper core layer surrounded by layers of aluminum and stainless-steel. These professional-grade products provide enjoyable cooking by the way of stockpots, double boilers and a myriad of specialty pots. Some of the Copper Core products are also nonstick and dishwasher safe, making them even easier to use on a busy weeknight or weekend. Copper Core is available if you are considering the purchase of a complete copper cookware set, in addition to plain copper. Look for Copper Core cookware sets with up to 30 pieces to completely revolutionize your kitchen.

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