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Copper Fry Pans

When it comes to high-performance cookware, copper is more than just a beautiful material. A copper skillet can offer a better heat response than even a cast iron griddle or frying pan, making it a wonderful cookware choice for anyone who wants to create restaurant-quality dishes at home. From our Williams Sonoma brand to world-renowned names in gourmet cookware, you’ll find the ideal piece of copper cookware for your needs. We uphold a standard of excellence on our copper cookware selections, ensuring that they meet heavy gauge requirements of at least 1/16" thickness.

Though copper cookware is an excellent choice, it does come with some specific care considerations that you should be aware of as you keep your frying pan in good shape – and your food delicious. Before you make the investment in a copper skillet, it helps to understand the material so you can make the most of your purchase.

Why Copper?

People love cooking with certain metals because of their ability to heat up quickly and evenly. Cast iron and copper are two of the most common metals that provide this type of even heating. Copper offers an advantage for cooking tasks that require careful temperature finesse. While cast iron retains heat, copper cools down quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for delicate foods that can quickly go from perfectly cooked to charred. The fact that copper is so responsive to direct heat also means that it’s a great choice when your dishes require temperature changes throughout the cooking process.

Though copper’s excellent conductivity is one of its top features from a technical standpoint, it’s also a beautiful decorative material. It adds a touch of classic elegance to your cookware. This makes copper a great choice for hanging from a pot rack or using as a stove-to-table serving piece. Though copper does cool quickly, most cookware made from this material uses metallic knobs and handles, meaning it can easily sit in your oven to keep food warm before it’s ready to head to the table. That also means that you can easily move your copper frying pan from the stovetop into the oven for a quick finish of a dish. Many of our copper fry pans include lids that can help keep moisture intact during this heating period. Lids also help keep dishes warm as they sit on your buffet or dining table.

What to Look for in a Copper Fry Pan

There are a few things to consider as you choose a design. The pan should have a large enough capacity for the kinds of foods you plan to cook. For example, if you want to cook four chicken breasts at once without crowding the pan, you should look for a pan diameter of at least 12", with 14" providing more room. Smaller jobs, like frying an egg or two, call for a smaller pan diameter of around 8". Choose a long-handled pan if you plan to sauté and a pan with an additional hand grip if you plan to remove it from the heat and serve or insert into the oven.

Think about some copper-specific factors, too. Like cast iron, copper is a reactive metal, meaning it can impart a tangy flavor in highly acidic foods such as tomatoes if they cook directly touching the copper. As with a cast iron pot coated with enamel, however, copper cookware is generally lined with non-reactive materials such as stainless-steel. This can be a bonus, though, because copper does develop a patina over time when it’s exposed to air. This makes the cookware take on a rustic, aged look that can be quite appealing. If you want to preserve the decorative glow of natural copper on your frying pan's exterior, simply use copper polish to keep it looking fresh.

Copper is a beautiful material that works well in any kitchen. With proper care, a copper fry pan can serve you for decades.

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