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Dutch Ovens & Casseroles

Ceramic nonstick cookware represents some of the most up-to-date innovations in culinary technology. With their slick, glazed ceramic coating, these pots and pans provide some improvements when compared to less-recent nonstick innovations. Williams-Sonoma‘s ceramic Dutch ovens and casserole dishes allow you to cook soups, stews, roasts and more at high temperatures without worrying about damaging your pot‘s nonstick coating. This quality makes these pans perfect for multi-step one-pot dishes that call for higher-temperature steps such as searing or sauteing before simmering. Delicious beef stew, rich tomato soup, creamy risotto with caramelized onion and more are right at your fingertips with these generously proportioned, carefully designed nonstick ceramic Dutch ovens.

One of the major benefits of ceramic nonstick over other nonstick cookware varieties is that its slick glaze is super durable, meaning it can stand up to heavier use for a longer period of time. This ceramic glaze is also very smooth and even in texture, which minimizes opportunities for food to adhere to the surface of the pot. You can cut down drastically on the amount of oil you use to lubricate ingredients such as chopped vegetables, minced garlic and cuts of chicken breast or beef. You may even be able to eliminate the oil entirely for a low-fat cooking approach that may be helpful if you‘re faced with health-related incentives to reduce your fat intake.

The Dutch ovens and casseroles in this category differ from traditional cast iron options. Nonstick ceramic cookware is easy to clean, and while cast iron is actually not as high maintenance as some home cooks assume, ceramic requires much less delicacy during the cleaning process. That‘s because its nonstick surface is applied during manufacturing and not through the buildup of polymerized fats that cast iron relies on for its seasoning. Again, this means that a ceramic Dutch oven is a great fit if you‘re trying to be more careful about what you eat without moving away from favorite recipes entirely.

Our ceramic nonstick Dutch ovens are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes, allowing you to whip up a large pot of chili for a big group or simply saute a serving or two of oil-free vegetables. Available with useful features such as tempered glass lids, solid unibody construction and nonstick coating on the exterior for greater aesthetic maintenance, these innovative pots are perfect for your kitchen, especially if you‘re short on time and want to cut some fat from your diet.