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Cole & Mason Tools

Bring simple elegance into the kitchen and dining room with our offering of Cole & Mason tools at Williams-Sonoma. The basics of seasoning any dish, salt and black pepper, should not be overlooked. Freshly ground salt and pepper have richer and brighter flavor than their prepackaged counterparts. This can mainly be attributed to the oxidization that occurs quickly after a spice is ground. Since the flavor is better, chefs will also find that it takes less salt to achieve the desired result. Start enjoying these benefits by choosing from an electric or traditional salt and pepper mill from Cole & Mason. Each has several grind settings, which is useful for various applications. Grind finely for spices to sprinkle on top of omelets or coarsely and add it to soups while cooking.

A characteristic of the Cole & Mason line of salt and pepper mills is its sleek design. It features stainless-steel and has a carbon-steel grinding mechanism for the pepper mill and a ceramic grinding mechanism for the salt mill. This ensures its longevity. The superior grinding mechanisms also ensure a uniformly ground salt and pepper. Complement the purchase of a pepper mill with one of our peppercorns. Choose a pepper from several regions, including Brazil and Asia. Each pepper has its own unique characteristic and flavor. A seasoned chef will appreciate the opportunity to refine his or her dish further. We also have a wide array of coarse salt, which ranges from pink Himalayan salt to Brazilian sea salt. Each type of salt has a distinct flavor. Since salt is used to bring out the foodʼs natural flavor, experimenting with different types of salt will yield slightly different results. For tangier dishes, use Himalayan salt. For bolder dishes, use the Brazilian sea salt. Either way, the freshly ground spices will elevate the dish.

If hand grinding salt seems like too much of a hassle, consider the electric salt and pepper mill. Itʼs very simple to use. Simply choose a grinding setting and push a button. There is also a light on the mill as an added bonus. This makes seasoning food very simple and accurate. Keep a pair on the dining room table for mealtime. On the flip side, if traditional methods are desired, take a look at the Cole & Mason Granite Mortar and Pestle. The granite surfaces offer an ideal texture for grinding spices, herbs and pasta sauces. Additionally, the mortar-and-pestle method is ideal for grinding garlic, basil and other herbs that can taste bitter sometimes. The grinding itself helps to keep the flavors of the food or herb intact, and also can be used to make chunky and delicious sauces. It is an alternative to food processors. Although the mortar-and-pestle method is more time consuming, the results are worth the extra bit of work, such as hand-ground hummus or pesto. For some ethnic foods, such as Thai food, a mortar and pestle is considered to be an essential item for the kitchen. It is particularly used to create various types of curry paste. Itʼs also worth noting that granite dust has potassium and minerals that are beneficial to peopleʼs health, and foods made in a granite mortar offers a nutritional boost. The mortar-and-pestle method is certainly appealing to those seeking an authentic cooking experience that dates back long before electronics ruled the kitchen landscape.

Keep any extra salt fresh and accessible with one of our salt keepers. These come in marble or wood designs and are a small yet useful addition to the kitchen. These salt keepers can also come in handy whenever itʼs necessary to measure salt portions exactly. In addition, donʼt forget to fill all of the other spice containers with our spices. We have block spice sets that come in a handsome wooden stand as well as various meat and fish rubs that are great additions to any kitchen.

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