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Salt & Pepper Mills

Salt and pepper mills bring beauty and function to the table, and our choices include both traditional and modern designs crafted with the finest materials and grinding mechanisms. Salt and pepper grinders can't help but add a gourmet look to all of your dinner settings, and the custom-sized seasoning grains add a professional, finished look to your favorite dishes.

Williams-Sonoma Salt & Pepper Mills are creatively imagined by our kitchen design team and expertly turned into reality by Italian artisans. The olivewood and maple is sourced in Europe, while the walnut pepper and salt mills are crafted from materials from United States-sourced trees. The olivewood, maple and walnut designs can be mixed and matched with other wood table elements including bowls and salad utensils for a coordinated wooden look. They also stand alone as perfect accents for a rustic or contemporary dining area.

The traditional seasoning mill style features an easy-to-grasp rounded knob at the top and an easy-to turn mechanism at the bottom. stainless-steel or carbon steel is used for the pepper grinder mechanisms while tough ceramic is used in the salt grinders to resist corrosion. Graceful and more minimalist styles of mills are made with the same quality grinding gears and surfaces but with updated styling for more modern and elegant tastes. With the wide array of designs available you'll find the right mill styles to match your favorite table linensand other serving items.

If you prefer a colorful pair of mills you can choose from a variety of shiny and matte hues to match your kitchen or dining room decor. These colors look great in all-white or retro kitchens and they're easy to find when you're busy creating a meal. Some designs feature stainless-steel accents, or you can find a set of mills with a metal or stainless-steel finish to coordinate with other stainless-steel cookware and accents in your food prep area.

For super busy chefs or family members with limited grip strength you can't beat electric salt and pepper grinders made in a variety of finishes and designs. They dispense the right amount of salt or pepper with the touch of a button. Like the manual grinders the electric grinders allow you to adjust the size of the grain for a fine to coarse finish. The fine setting is great for grinding white pepper for delicate sauces. The coarse finish makes attractive grains of black pepper for pepper steak and plate garnishing. Salt keepers are also handy for a quick pinch when cooking and baking, and coffee-style hand grinders allow you to grind into a drawer for a large recipe or for filling salt shakers with a custom grind. The coffee-style table grinders can also dispense pepper directly onto foods if desired.

There are some who question the need for a salt grinder, but there are several reasons to have one on hand. Plain table salt doesn't have as much surface area per grain as a coarser grain of sea salt has after it's been run through the mill. You'll use less milled salt to get the same flavor punch. A sprinkling of larger salt crystals looks great on caramel and other desserts. You can also see the larger grains more easily to avoid clumping salt in a sauce or casserole.

Whether you need salt and pepper mills for creating culinary masterpieces or for adding more gourmet flavor at the table, you can enhance your mills with a set of matching salt and pepper shakers. Kids with limited hand strength and adults who prefer the shake to the grind will appreciate having their choice of seasoning styles, and you won't have to run back and forth between the kitchen and the dining area to retrieve the mills if you're still cooking while guests are eating. Better still, you can order a set of mills and shakers for the tabletop to match your serveware. Then you'll have a dedicated set of salt and pepper mills for the kitchen and dining areas and your seasoning needs are met in both spaces.

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