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Kitchen Scales

Are you looking for consistent results in the kitchen? Look no further than the not-so-humble baking scale. People sometimes refer to baking as a exact science because of the precise measurements of ingredients that baked goods often need. When you want great results, it helps to have kitchen tools that let you measure your ingredients exactly how you need them. Often, measuring cups alone aren’t enough. When you measure using weight to guide you, there’s nothing left to chance. At Williams Sonoma, we know that baking scales are small but mighty, and they help you take the guesswork out of measuring. Before you add one to your collection of tools like cookie molds and canisters, it helps to keep a few features in mind to choose the one that’s best for your needs.

Digital Timing

Today, many kitchen tools feature digital technology, but that doesn’t mean they all look futuristic. If you still want a vintage look, consider choosing a traditional mechanical scale. These scales have a spring inside and a dial to display the weight, and they add retro appeal to the room. Many digital scales are sleek and more modern-looking. These baking scales are battery-operated, and they typically feature easy-to-read displays along with other features.

Note the Capacity

Not all baking scales are designed similarly. Some are smaller and can handle a few pounds. Others can easily accommodate a big Thanksgiving turkey. Before you start shopping for your scale, think about how you want to use it and the amount of space you have to store it. After all, the bigger the capacity you need, the bigger the scale is likely to be. If you do a lot of cooking and you know that you plan to weigh large cuts of meat or measuring big batches of ingredients, a high-capacity scale gives you the most versatility. If you typically weigh lighter items, opting for a scale with smaller capacity can offer excellent sensitivity and great results.

The platform is another important size consideration. Choosing a baking scale with a spacious platform gives you the space you need to weigh larger items. In addition to the size, it’s also helpful to note how easy the platform is to clean and how easy it is to store data. Digital baking scales often let you store information. They also offer benefits like switching to the metric system so you can easily measure in ounces and pounds or grams and kilograms. Other helpful functions to look for include built-in timers and calorie counters.

Baking Scale Buying Tips

While you’re shopping for a kitchen scale, keep this helpful acronym in mind: TARE. Toughness and durability should be some of the first things you look for, especially if you plan to use the scale frequently. It’s true – kitchen activities can put wear on utensils and tools. You want a scale that lasts. Accuracy is another important factor. Readability is essential, so be sure to note how the display is situated. Can you read it even if you have a big bowl on the scale? Ease of use is the last big consideration. Look for a scale that’s easy to clean, easy to move and easy to fit in your cabinet or drawer.

Different ways to grate and grind ingredients, and variables such as the way you pack that measuring cup, leave a lot to chance. Once you start using a baking scale, your results can become even more consistent. Measure ingredients with accuracy to take your baking and cooking to delicious new heights.

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