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Kitchen Scales

The celebrity chefs on television make cooking look so easy. All they do is take a pinch of their preferred spice to a seemingly random assortment of ingredients to create breathtaking dishes out of thin air. It is almost as if they have some sort of kitchen magic. For the rest of us, we need accurate measurements to create recipes that taste good and look astonishing on top of a decorative serving platter. Fortunately, Williams-Sonoma offers a wide array of kitchen scales that help you take accurate measurements of everything from raw ingredients to large chunks of meat.

When purchasing a kitchen scale, make sure to get one that has an easy-to-read LED screen. These screens display the weight of the ingredients you are using and many can give you accurate readings in both pounds and kilograms. Find a scale that measures close to the ounce or gram for accurate readings when you are measuring lightweight ingredients, such as flour for a cake or basil for a batch of pesto before adding them to the mixing bowl.

Many kitchen scales let you add ingredients directly to their surfaces. When you use this method of weighing, make sure to find an easy-to-clean, nonstick model so you can remove all of one ingredient before measuring another. Not only does this give you a more accurate reading, but it also keeps the scale free from cross-contamination when preparing dishes for people with allergies or when working with raw meat. If you do not wish to use the surface of your scale for weighing, many of our models feature tare options that allow you to place a bowl or measuring cup on top of the scale, reset the reading to zero, and then add the rest of your ingredients for an accurate readout. Some scales even have tare features that let you wave your hand in front of a sensor to reset the reading easily.

When considering a power source, note that some kitchen scales use your homeʼs electricity while others use batteries. If you plan to use your own electricity, then choose a scale with a larger capacity that allows you to measure items like whole chickens and other large pieces of meat at once. A kitchen scale that runs on batteries is going to be smaller, making it convenient for carrying around with you if you want to use it for a cooking competition or at the home of a friend or loved one.

Not only can a scale help you measure out dry and wet ingredients for a single meal, but it can also help you meal prep for the week ahead. You can use the kitchen scale to measure out single portions of steak, fish or chicken, and then add them to food storage containers with your favorite vegetables and starches. Keep these in the freezer, and then enjoy portioned meals for the week ahead. Measuring out your food is also a good way to portion out dry fruits, nuts and other snacks for your kidʼs school lunch instead of trying to do it each morning before you are totally awake.

If you want a throwback piece for your kitchen, we offer a completely functional scale with a vintage vibe. This manual scale features a platform on the top for weighing things like produce, and then the scale at the bottom indicates the weight. While this is not the most accurate way to measure precise ingredients, it is useful for things like large bunches of apples, bananas and other fruits you want to put into your juicer for a healthy breakfast treat you can enjoy instead of a sugary bowl of cereal.

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