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Canning & Preserving Tools

When summer’s bounty is ripe and juicy, have plenty of top-rated tools on hand from our offerings at Williams-Sonoma to can and preserve your abundant home harvest. We have all of the food prep and canning supplies you need to make sauces, jellies, salsas and preserved vegetable right in your own kitchen. Whether you’re an experienced home canner or you’re just learning the ropes, our canning and preserving equipment will give you the performance and confidence you need to put food up for future meals, snacks and special occasions.

If you’ve been looking for a solution for easier canning, look to our kitchen electrics collection for pressure canners and our home canner with automatic settings for a variety of high-acid canned foods. If you prefer the classic water bath or steam method for your tomato sauces and jellies, our multi-use water bath canner includes a rack and temperature indicators to let you know when your cans are at the correct heat level. Stainless-steel multi-use canners and stock pots work on most cooktops including induction stoves. Use our stainless-steel canning insert rack in your favorite 12-inch canning pot to hold quart or pint jars. The rack handles collapse for easy storage when canning chores are done.

Be sure to stock up on plenty of glass jars to hold all of your delicious processed garden and farmers’ market produce. We carry a full selection of jars, including jelly, carafe and tulip-jar styles. Order extra replacement clamps and juice lids to have reusable juice and jam jars for many years to come. We also carry jars and food storage containers from many reliable manufacturers whose names are synonymous with preserving food. Our Bisphenol A-free storage containers are ideal for berries and other garden foods you plan to freeze or eat soon.

Use one of our food processors to puree and dice foods, or use produce-specific food mills to turn veggies and fruits into sauces and jams before canning or freezing. We have food mills that remove peels and seeds, and they come with your choice of disc-blade attachments for fine, medium and coarse food textures. Stainless-steel food mills work well for baby foods, pie fillings, mashed potatoes and more. Our apple and fruit crusher holds 16 quarts of tomatoes, grapes and apples to make a load of crushed produce for sauces, beverages and ciders.

When it’s time to fill and process your canned goods, a pair of standard tongs won’t do. You need specialty canning tongs that are made to safely grip hot glass jars for transferring in and out of the canning rack. Nonslip gripper edges grab onto jars and allow you to safely place them where you need them without having to touch the hot jar surfaces with your bare hands. Order a canning lid lifter with a magnetic end to place lids on sterilized jars without using messy fingers. Add a canning funnel to your canning kit too. Canning funnels fit standard and wide-mouth jars and have special markings to help you leave the correct amount of headspace at the tops of jars for the foods you’re preserving.

Shop our complete line of specialty tools to find thermometers, fermentation kids, canning spatulas and fruit and citrus tools to make your canning and preserving go more smoothly than ever before. Enjoy the simplicity of a cherry pitter or strawberry huller when canning pie fillings and fruit preserves. Use our juicers and lemon reamers to get every drop of sun-kissed goodness from citrus and other fruits. Our spiralizers, zesters and slicers make perfect fruit segments and garnishes for canned and fresh foods. Choose tools to process fruit from mangos to avocados in our tool collection. Your canned and preserved foods will show the love and care you put into every jar.