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Simplify Seasonal Canning With Home Canning Tools

For the ambitious and practical, canning is a smart way to preserve food, stock the freezer and make the most of fresh ingredients every season. Successful canning requires the right home canning tools, which can make every step of the process easier. Plus, the right supplies ensure that your preserved foods stay fresher longer. So, learn more about the glass food jars with lids and canning accessories that you need to prepare for seasonal canning.

Glass Foods Jars With Lids

Glass food jars with lids are the essentials for any canner. Learn more about the styles available in this Williams Sonoma collection. These jars come in a number of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the right one for your canning needs.

  • Lock-Eat Jars and Carafes - This style, available in both jar and carafe shapes, includes Italian-crafted jars made of clear, heavyweight glass.
  • Tulip Jars - These jars feature a wide mouth that allows for easy filling.
  • Juice Jars - Juice jars have a slim silhouette, which makes them easy to pick up and pour.
  • Mold and Mini Mold Jars - Mold jars feature a wide mouth and tapered silhouette. Use them to preserving foods using a boiling water bath canning method, or keep dry food fresh in these jars.

All of the canning jars in this collection come with lids that promise a secure fit to keep your food fresh. The sturdy glass jars include rubber gaskets and stainless steel clamps that create an airtight seal.

Canning Accessories

Once you have the right jars and lids, you need other canning accessories to ensure your canning is a success. Consider these products to add to your canning toolkit.

  • A tomato press separates the pulp from the skin, allowing you to transform fresh tomatoes into ready-to-can sauces and soups.
  • Use a stainless steel jam pan to cook fruits to your desired consistency.
  • A funnel ensures you accurately fill jars to leave enough headspace.
  • Try a magnetic lid lifter to remove jars from hot water safely. Pair this innovative tool with other utensils you may need during canning.
  • Finally, add a personal embosser to your canning toolkit. An embosser allows you to personalize your canned creations and deliver them to family and friends with a label featuring your name, monogram or address.

Canning becomes an easier hobby when you're equipped with the right tools. In addition to investing in home canning tools, consider other useful utensils like fruit tools that might make your canning more seamless.

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