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Can Openers

A can opener is an essential kitchen tool every home cook needs for opening a can of soup, tuna or vegetables. Although all can openers have the same basic design and function, there are slight variations between them that make them operate more smoothly or feel more comfortable in your hands so that popping the top is effortless. Our collection of can openers at Williams Sonoma includes an assortment of electric and manual can openers in various sizes and styles.

Sizes and Styles for Your Lifestyle

When deciding between a manual or electric can opener, consider the amount of storage space you have in the kitchen. Electric can openers are convenient because they stay on the counter at all times, but they take up valuable counter space that may not be available in a small kitchen. You also have to make sure it’s tall enough to fit the largest cans you need to open. If you have limited space, consider a smaller manual can opener that easily fits in a drawer. Designate a spot inside a drawer organizer so you can easily find it when you need it. However, keep in mind that if you primarily use a can opener for emergency events or on camping trips, you need a manual model.

Comfort and Safety

Choose a can opener that’s easy for you to use, especially if you use it on a daily basis. Ergonomically designed handles feel comfortable in your hands and improve your grip as you squeeze them. A rubber nonslip coating ensures the handles do not slip and tip the can while you open it. If you have children or pets in the house, consider a side-cut can opener. These can openers remove the entire top of the can, leaving a dull edge that won’t cut curious fingers or mouths. A top-cut can opener lets the top fall into the can, which is convenient if you like to use the lid to squeeze liquid out of a tuna can, but you do have to reach in to the can to remove it.

Easy Maintenance

Look for a can opener that requires minimal maintenance. You have to clean the blades from time to time to make sure they retain their ability to cut through the metal cans without too much effort. Top-cut can openers need cleaning more often than side-cut openers since the blades are more likely to come in contact with the contents of the can. Look for one with solid stainless-steel handles without coating if you want to toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. If you prefer an electrical can opener, choose one with a removable blade assembly so you can clean the blades and completely dry them before attaching them again.

Useful Features

Can openers are simple tools, but some have convenient features that make them easier for you to use. A built-in bottle opener turns it into a multifunctional tool. A magnet lifts the top out of the can after you cut it so that you do not have to reach inside and risk touching the food or cutting your finger on the sharp edge. Side-cut can openers should have pincher-style grips that separate the top of the lid.

Canned goods are the ultimate convenience food, and a well-stocked pantry allows you to grab what you need to throw together a quick lunch or simple side dish. You just need a sturdy can opener to break through the surface. Choose one of our electric or manual can openers to round out your collection of essential kitchen tools.

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