Chicken Coops

Choosing the right coop and feeding accessories gets you started on raising your own chickens to complement or begin your agrarian lifestyle. Find the equipment that’s perfect for you from the chicken coop selection we have at Williams-Sonoma. You can create an appreciation for healthy living for your family by selecting items from our agrarian collection. Products like a beehive kit or compost box are terrific choices if you’re looking for a new do-it-yourself project.

When purchasing a coop, it’s important to consider the structure’s material composition, size and added features. You want to choose a style that fits your community’s size and location regulations to ensure there are no issues once you get the chickens in place. Different types of wood withstand outdoor use better than others. For instance, cedar is a superb choice for a chicken coop. The cedar lumber we use is naturally rot-resistant, which makes it ideal for keeping outdoors all year long. If you appreciate durability and attention to detail, you’ll love knowing our cedar coops are hand-built from western red cedar and milled by a local, family-owned sawmill. If you leave the cedar unstained, the wood will develop a rustic weathered look in time.

Some of our chicken coops come equipped with bonus features like a side planter box. You can grow your own chicken food in the planter to lower feeding costs and ensure your chickens have a healthy, organic diet. You can use our seed kits to help you start growing new plants. Leafy greens and herbs are terrific choices for your planter box because they add important nutrients to a chicken’s diet. Don’t forget essential garden tools like a fork and trowel to help you maintain your coop’s garden. Proper care and upkeep is an important part of a successful garden.

Consider filling your planter with freshly composted soil that you create yourself. You can make the most of your kitchen scraps or garden clippings by regularly adding them to one of our composters. You can even mix in leftover seeds and corn that your chickens don’t eat to create a rich, full compost mixture.

Make sure your chickens are eating and drinking enough. Healthy chickens produce more eggs, and you can be confident the eggs are good for you and your family when your chickens eat well. Accessories like a waterer and wooden feeder can help you keep your chickens’ diet on track. When selecting a waterer, look for a style that is durable and easy to maintain. A waterer made of stoneware is an ideal choice because the heavy-duty design withstands outdoor use. You can also clean stoneware easily by hand washing it. Make filling the waterer each day easier by using one of our convenient watering cans. You can quickly fill these and transport them to the coop anytime your chickens want water. Our wooden feeders are suitable for filling with cracked corn and are also made of red cedar for durability and longevity.

Once you find an ideal chicken coop, you’ll want to decide where you are going to position it. Styles that come with an attached run provide your chickens with plenty of space to roam and forage. Ensure that your coop size matches the number of chickens you plan to have to avoid crowding. The open bottom design of many of our coops allows the birds to reach the ground easily without leaving the structure. Our coops are also designed with a galvanized wire mesh to keep your birds safe from predators.

Consider getting several raised garden beds in addition to your coop so that you can grow even more fresh food for you and your chickens. You can create a self-sustaining outdoor oasis for yourself by planting a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Complement your new garden bed with potted plants and trees on either side. Consider selecting garden beds that match the wood of your chicken coop for a seamless outdoor look.